• Video Tutorials  
    The following Publisher 2013 video tutorials were created by
      Simon Sez IT

    In this video, discover learn how to get started with creating a new publication in Microsoft Publisher 2013   


    Backstage View    
    In this video, get a brief overview of the different elements of Backstage view in Publisher 2013.

    The Ribbon
    In this video, learn how to access different commands available in the ribbon of Publisher 2013.    

    Inserting Images and Image Placeholders
    In this video, discover how to insert images and image placeholders in Publisher 2013. 

     Move, Resize and Crop Images
    In this video, take a look on different options for moving, resizing and cropping images in Publisher 2013.

    Inserting a Basic Shape
    In this video, learn various ways to insert and format shapes in Publisher 2013.