Changes to Teaching Certificates

  • Listed below are the most frequently requested changes toTeaching Certificates. All paperwork and payments must be submitted to the Human Resources Department at the time that the requested change is submitted.

    Effective December 1, 2018, all payments to Louisiana Department of Education must be made online by following the teacher certification payment link in the certification packet. A copy of the payment confirmation page should be printed out and included with your certification packet that is sent to Julie Wagner at central office. Checks, money orders and cash will no longer be accepted by teh LDOE.

    • ADDING A DEGREE: See “Adding a Degree(s) to a Certificate”, Page 1
    • APPLYING FOR A CERTIFICATE UPGRADE: See “Requesting a Higher Certificate”, Page 1 (This pertains to Type C, Type B, Type A certificates and Level 1, Level 2 , Level 3 certificates)
    • NAME CHANGES: See “Changing a Name on a Certificate”, Page 1
    • RENEWING A CERTIFICATE: See “Renewing Certificates”, Page 2

    Principals and Teachers should verify certificates to determine the date of expiration and complete and forward the necessary paperwork to the Human Resources Department before the certificate is no longer valid.

    The State Department has requested that all changes in teaching certificates be handled through the Human Resources Department.

    Send all transactions Attention: Julie Wagner. Numerous requests that were sent directly to the State Department by teachers have been returned because they lack the signature of the appropriate School System Official. Principals are not authorized to sign these CERTIFICATE UPDATE PACKET FORMS.
    If there are any questions concerning these procedures, or teachers have questions concerning filling in the forms, please contact the Human Resources Office at 985-748-2459 or 985-748-2503 and we will be happy to assist you.
    CERTIFICATE UPDATE PACKET can also be downloaded at
    Working on Highly Qualified Status?
    The Every Student Succeeds Act has positive changes that will apply to certified teachers who are currently seeking Highly Qualified status in a core teaching area through Praxis exams and/or coursework.  If you are one of these teachers, please contact Karen Mizell in the TPSS Title I office at 985-310-2189 for more information.