• RWT Task Cards
    Below are task cards that can be used at a center using an iPad or iPod.
     Acrostic Poem app   
    Acrostic Poem App
    Acrostic Poem Printout (PDF)
    Students will select a topic to brainstorm a group of words and write an acrostic poem.  The iPad and the Acrostic Poem app will be used to publish their poem.

     Diamante Poems app

     Diamante Poems App

    Holiday Diamante Poems Task CardDiamante Poem Printout  (PDF)
    Students will review parts of speech by creating a diamnate poem about their favorite holiday.  The diamante poem will be published using an iPad and the Diamante Poems App.
    (Grades 3rd - 4th)

     Haiku Poem

    Haiku Poem App

     Seasonal Haiku Task Card
    Students will use the Haiku starter printout and Seasonal Haiku Task Card to create a haiku poem about their favorite season. The haiku poem will be published using an iPad and the Haiku Poem App.
    (Grades 3rd-8th)

     Trading Cards App

    Trading Cards App

     President Trading Cards Task Card

    Students will think critically by gatering facts to outline information about an assigned president.  The trading card will be published using an iPad and the Trading Cards app.
    (Grades 6th-8th)

     venn diagram app

    Venn Diagram App

     Is Superan Really All that Super?Task Card
    Venn Two Circle Printout (PDF)
    Students will compare adn contrast character traits of superheroes in a visually appealing way.  The information will be used to publish their venn diagram using an iPad and the Venn Diagram app.
    (Grades 3rd - 5th)