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  • Employees who have any payroll questions should do one of the following:
    • E-mail your questions to (For those employees who use web-based e-mail, go to and click on the e-mail link to login. Create a new message and in the To: field type in and then "Payroll Question" in the Subject: field. Down in the body of the message type your questions. Don't forget to include all the contact information that is listed on the Payroll Inquiry Form (below). Click "Send" to submit your questions.
    •  TPSS Certified Teacher Compensation Plan - This is the policy governing revised salary schedules as required by Act 1 - 2012 Regular Legislative Session.  Effective 2013-14 Fiscal Year.

Payroll Calendar and Salary Schedule

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Extended Medical Leave Forms

Sick Leave Bank

  • On August 21, 2012, The Tangipahoa Parish School Board adopted a Sick Leave Bank Policy to be in accordance with recent legislative changes.  Please review the policy to make sure you understand the guidelines for eligibility and for receiving days from the Sick Leave Bank. A few highlights of the policy are listed below:

    1. Full-time employees with at least one year of continuous service are eligible.
    2. Employees are only allowed to contribute one full day annually and donation is irrevocable.
    3. Days donated to the Bank will be converted to a value based on donating employee’s  daily rate of pay.
    4. Only contributors to the Bank will be eligible to apply for benefits.
    5. Must use all available types of sick leave before receiving benefits from the Bank.
    6. Employees’ illness only. Immediate family member's illness does not qualify for benefits..

    If you have any questions, please contact Ron Genco, Director of Human Resources, via email at

Sick Leave Bank Forms