• Dot Day with TechTubs
     colAR app
      "The Dot," by Peter H. Reynolds, is a story about a little girl who is first discouraged by her inability to draw.  Through the guidance and motivation of a positive teacher, the child learns to explore her artistic abilities and make her mark in her own special way. The character in the story discovers how to share her talents with others, and even grows to become an inspiration to fellow classmates. 
    Students designed their very own dot, then used the app "ColAR Mix" to bring the illustration to life.  
    Click HERE for more information about the app. 
     dot dot
      iPads were used to explore many dot "apptivities."  The students were challenged to use their brains to remember patterns, add numbers, create designs, and apply strategies.
    Dot App  
     There are many apps which focus around DOTS.  Browse the app store to find games such as Connect 4, Twister, and more!
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