• Behavior



    I have the following expectations for all students in my class:
    1. Follow Directions & Try Your Best
    2. Allow Ms Lee To Teach And Allow Our
      Class To Learn Without Distractions.
    3. Only Use Accounts, Files, Programs, And
      Websites You Have Been Asked To Open.
    4. Respect & Protect Classroom Equipment

     If a student is having trouble following one or more of the above expectations, I will do my best to help get that student back on track. The steps I follow are:

    1. Warning & Reminder of Appropriate Behavior
    2. Warning & Reminder of Appropriate Behavior
    3. Minor Referral (ABC Written Work). Requires Parent Signature.
    4. Time Out with Another Teacher
    5. Major Referral. Parish Discipline Ladder Will Determine Consequence.