• Social Studies
  • The First Thanksgiving - EBSR

    Task Cards: "The First Thanksgiving"

    Grade Level: 2 - 5

    Activity: Students read an article to find evidence to support the answers to given questions.

    Lesson Variation: After reading the article whole group, students can work in pairs to solve one task card together.  Once all of the students are finished answering their one card, they can share out with the class.

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  • French Colonization of Louisiana

    Task Cards: Leveled Task Cards on French Colonization of Louisiana
    Grade Level: 8th Grade
    Activity: Students will analyze and describe France’s contribution of people, events, and movement that have been significant in the history of Louisiana using "My State History Online Text Grade 8 Louisiana History Textbook" and Internet Research.
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  • The First Thanksgiving - Scoot Game

    Task Cards: "Scoot Around The First Thanksgiving"

    Grade Level: 2 - 4

    Activity: Students play the game Scoot! to recall facts about The First Thanksgiving.  

    Lesson Variation: the task cards can be clipped together on a metal ring and placed at a center.


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  • Ancient Egypt- Grade 6

    Task Cards: Ancient Egypt
    Grade Level: 6th
    Activity: Students answer multiple choice questions about Ancient Egypt.
    Content StandardsGLE 24: Explain how geographical features influenced development of early civilizations (e.g., domestication, cultivation, specialization) (H-1C-M2) GLE 27: Locate and describe the major river systems and discuss the physical settings that supported permanent settlement and early civilizations in Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and the Indus valley (H-1C-M3) GLE 28: Describe the major characteristics of early river valley civilizations (H-1C-M3)
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  • US History Review- Gr. 7

    Task Cards:US History Review

    Grade Level: 7th

    Common Core:WHST 6-8.8 Gather relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, using search terms effectively; assess the credibility and accuracy of each source; and quote or paraphrase the data and conclusions of others while avoiding plagiarism and following a standard format for citation.
    WHST 6-8.9 Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.

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