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    September 2014
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     Woodland Park Elementary Magnet Cafeteria  workers for World Milk Day
     Woodland Park Elementary Magnet School's outstanding cafeteria personal, Tabitha Giles, Doris Hayes, Katie Pines, and Ophelia Knighten, were more than excited to be a part of such an amazing experience on World Milk Day.
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    World Milk Day at Amite Elementary  
    Students at AEMS celebrated World School Milk Day on Wednesday, September 24th.  Milk is an important part of a healthy diet, and that's why it's served in schools every day.  In honor of World School Milk Day, students watched special videos, received pencils and milk moustache stickers, and most importantly - drank milk! Pictured above are Kindergarten students, Sanovia Williams and Kaleah Wicker, smile with their milk moustaches to celebrate World School Milk Day. 
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    REMS remembers 911
    In remembrance of the September 11th tragedy, the flag crew at Roseland Montessori raised the flag to half-mast that morning along with Dawson Primes from the 205th Engineering Battalion and parent of Caleb Primes, second grader at the school.  Dawson also spoke to the children about flag etiquette and taught them the correct way to fold our school flag.  Pictured is flag crew members Alayna Worley, Dylan Matherne, Alaya Andrews, and Maeci Jones along with Mrs. Rhonda Vaccaro and Dawson Primes.
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     Vinyard Elementary Principal Melissa Ryan accepts the ice bucket challenge.
     Melissa Ryan, Principal of Vinyard Elementary accepted the Ice Bucket Challenge and donated to Relay for Life.  Jourdan Blue and Brayden Kimbrough helped her with the challenge. The Martha Vinyard Relay for Life Team has raised over $1000 for the American Cancer Society!
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     Saints shirts day at Roseland Elementary Montessori

    TPSS held a fund raising drive for United Way where students and teachers can dress in jeans and Saints gear for $1.  Not only are we, at Roseland Montessori, very excited to collect money for such a great cause, but we are also thrilled to see our administrator's name in black and gold!  Mrs. Rhonda Vaccaro was all smiles today as she watched some of the jerseys bear her own last name.  We won't spoil her excitement and remind her that the Vaccaro represents the Saints player, Kenny Vaccaro.  Pictured is Mrs. Rhonda Vaccaro and Darbi Tolar, PreK student at Roseland Montessori.

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     All Pro Dad's Breakfast at HWMS
     Hammond Westside Montessori held their first monthly All Pro Dads' breakfast this school year on Sept. 17, 2014. There was a large turnout, with nearly every seat in the cafeteria taken. Guest speaker, Charles Brumfield,  Jr.,  along with Disciplinarian Sharon Walker and Principal Catherine LeBlanc, spoke to the students and their parents about the importance of families and family values.  Students were treated at the end with door prizes. Enjoying breakfast together above are Rob DeArmond  and his son, Adam.
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     Internation Dot Day & Grandparents' Day at REMS
     September 15th is known as International Dot Day which is a day that stems from the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds that encourages all of us to think about how we want to leave our own mark on the world.  Roseland Montessori celebrated this day along with the grandparents of our students.  Grandparents, whom were encouraged to wear dots, came and ate lunch, dressed up for photos in the photo booth, and then created a personalized family tree with their own "dots", their fingerprints.  Many wonderful memories were made with loved ones, and stories were shared about how our relatives have left their own mark in the world.  Pictured are Chad Hillstrom and his grandfather enjoying lunch. Click here for more pictures from the day.
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     Three generations at Vinyard's Grandparent's Day lunch
     Kaitlyn Lee in Stephanie Sims' class at Vinyard Elementary enjoys Grandparents' Day lunch with her grandmother AND her great grandmother recently! What a special day for everyone.
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     Students at Loranger Middle School remember 9-11
    Students in Beverly Williams' class at Loranger Middle make flowers in remembrance of 9-11 victims.
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    Ice bucket challenge at Independence Elemenatary

    Principal Lisa Raiford and Assistant Principal Melanie Johnston of Independence Elementary School took the Ice Bucket Challenge to benefit ALS. Teachers were able to donate so that their students had the pleasure of watching. The school raised $300.00 to donate to research for finding a cure for ALS.   The Principal of IES challenged all TPSS Principals and Assistant Principals in the school district to raise money for a great cause and GET WET!

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    Hammond Westside Montessori work with long bead chain  

    Pam Sullivan’s students at Hammond Westside Elementary Montessori School are using using Montessori Long Bead Chain to help learn multiples. The Long Bead Chain is used to practice the order of numbers, to help learn the concept of multiples, skip counting, and the squaring and cubing of numbers and their relationship with each other. Students pictured from Left to right are: Amyriel Scott, Charvanna Williams, Keshaun Daniels, Akeria Varnado

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     Dot Day 2014 in Colette Taillon's classroom
    Colette Taillon's class at Hammond Westside Montessori is ready for International Dot Day on Monday, September 15. Click here to find more about Dot Day in her classroom. 
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    Garden City Group collects supplies for HWMS

    Hammond Westside Montessori School received a special donation from The Garden City Group, Inc. The Garden City Group launched a back to school campaign to collect schools supplies for HWEMS. The group was divided into teams to represent each grade level as follows:

    1st: Rudy, Jill, HR

    2nd: Rosalyn, Mike, Jessica

    3rd: Alexis, Ashley, IT

    4th: Jeremy, Greg, Marnie

    5th: Brandy, Danny, Management

    6th: Chuck, Denise, Facilities

    They collected and donated 3,247 items, far surpassing their goal. Congratulations to Team 3 who donated $761.25, contributing 26% to the overall campaign.

    The students were excited and appreciative when they received the much needed supplies. Thank you, Garden City Group, Inc.!


    Seated from left to right are students: Bode McDaniel, Samuel Bell, Landon Bergeron, Amelia Babin, Ashlen Walker, Trent Higgs, and Jayden Jackson

    Standing in the back row: Catherine LeBlanc, Principal, student Caleb Farmer, GCG Ashley Blessing and K.C. Gilbert, student Braden Bellina, GCG Lyndsey Hargrove, Will gray, Bridgette Rodriguez, Sundiata Jackson, and Kisha Brown, and student Andrew Bell.

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    Strawberry Planting Time at Independence High
     The Independence High Ag class is preparing for strawberry season by laying plastic in the school's agriculture field.  Mr. Fekete and his students are preparing the ground for the most delicious strawberry season yet.
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    Taylonne Austin makes a great catch at Play 60

    For the fourth year in a row, Saints Fuel Play 60 was on the campus of Independence Middle Magnet School to get students active for 60 minutes a day! Students went through the same football drills as Saints players.  The Saints Junior Training Camp representatives join with IMMS to fight childhood obesity and share the hope that IMMS students will stay active! Taylonne Austin makes a beautiful catch in picture above.

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    Tucker Elementary celebrates Johnny Appleseed's birthday  
     Stacy Hall's first graders at Tucker Elementary are celebrating Johnny Appleseed's birthday! Students tasted different apples, ate apple flavored snacks, and made homemade applesauce.
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    Ponchatoula High FFA Waterway Clean Up Project


    On Saturday September 27, 2014 Ponchatoula High School's FFA students volunteered to help with the ongoing trash problem that is affecting Ponchatoula Creek and the Natalbany River.  In just under four hours twelve students along with six chaperones filled up two trailers that were provided by the Tangipahoa Parish full of garbage.  The items the FFA found included fourteen tires, two refrigerators, two very large TVs, and over thirty bags of trash.


     The movement has been headed by Captain Brandon Hayes and his fiancé, Meghan Giblon, of the United States Coast Guard.  In their off time the couple organize cleaning events and regularly visit Ponchatoula Creek and the Natalbany River to clean all of the trash that is continually accumulating on its banks.


    "We are just trying to get the word out and get as many people involved as we can. This is a huge problem and it can't keep on being ignored.  We are very grateful for all the help we are receiving from the FFA students, so much more can be cleaned up with their help," says Captain Hayes.


    "The trash comes from people dumping straight bags of household trash into the creek but most of it comes from throwing trash out of their vehicles or in parking lots.  The trash then gets washed into the ditches and then the creeks whenever it rains and all of the trash flows into Ponchatoula Creek.  If you have ever driven down Bankston Road off of HWY 190 you can see all the trash that is in the ditch.  It is really quite sad," says Giblon.   


    Ponchatoula FFA member and Senior at Ponchatoula High Johanna Puls says “It felt great to help clean up our water ways! It was shocking to see all the house hold trash and debris in such a beautiful creek. This trip inspired us to keep our waterways beautiful. It was also proves the impact our community members on our local environment.

    The FFA is planning to be a part of more clean ups and will help educate their peers about where their trash is actually going