• Classroom Policies and Procedures


    Policy and Procedures


    ·         Students will exit bus and enter the building at a zero voice level each morning.

    ·         Students will proceed to cafeteria for breakfast, pick up their breakfast, exit the cafeteria, and proceed down the hallway to their classroom walking on the white line while remaining at a zero voice level.


    ·         Students are expected to come to school each day prepared and ready to learn.

    ·         Students are expected to have all necessary materials; paper, pencils, and books.

    ·         We are a team and each team member is essential to our overall success.

    ·         If you have a problem or situation, please make me aware so I can assist you as needed.


    ·         Students are responsible to come to school ready to work.

    ·         Students are responsible for and expected to have paper and pencils at all times.

    ·         Students are expected to return notes, and complete homework nightly.

    Entering Classroom

    ·         Student will enter the classroom at zero voice level, unpack their book sack, place homework folder in the purple basket, hang their book sack and return to his/her seat.

    ·         Student will start on Math Bellringer/Cold Read that will be on their desk while eating their breakfast at zero voice level.

    ·         During breakfast students will also go to the restroom 2-3 at a time and return to class.

    ·         At 8:30 breakfast will be over and our lesson will begin.

    Exiting Classroom

    ·         Students will be dismissed by the teacher. The line leader, the door holder, ABC order will be called by numbers; 1 thru 5, 6 thru 10, 11 thru 15, 16 thru 20, and 21 thru 25.

    ·         Students will line up at zero voice level and exit the classroom walking on the designated colored line in the hallway with their left foot on the line and their voice at zero level. Hands are to be placed by your side, behind the back or across in front of the body.

    Classroom Routine

    ·         Students will be instructed to get necessary materials from their cubbies at the start of the day.

    ·         Students will transition at 11:25 and replace morning materials into cubby and remove afternoon materiel before going to lunch.

    ·         Students are NOT allowed to get any materials from their book sack once they are placed in the hanging location. Their lunch bags should be placed in their cubby or at their desk.

    Pencil Rules

    ·         Students are to take a pencil from the pencil cup upon entering the classroom and sign the pencil-log.

    ·         Students will receive a second pencil as needed by raising their hand and the teacher will acknowledge the student by either giving them another pencil or sharpening the pencil they have.

    ·         Students are not to get out of their seats without permission from the teacher to go to the sharpener or to the pencil cup.

    Classroom Rules

    ·         Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

    ·         Respect others, your teachers, and yourself.

    ·         Use acceptable language at all times.

    ·         ALWAYS follow directions.

    ·         Remain in your seat during instructional times.

    ·         Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

    NES Discipline Plan & Consequences

    ·         Green – Every student starts on green each day.

    ·         Yellow – Warning

    ·         Orange – a. Parent phone call             b. Loss of  “Eagle Ticket”       c. Time loss on recess and/or privileges         d. note home

    ·         Red – a. Parent phone call                  b. Loss of “Eagle Ticket”        c. Punish work – Extra assignment and Loss of all ancillary classes and recess until punish work is completed

    ·         Blue – Office Referral


    ·         Verbal Praise

    ·         Teacher Treats

    ·         PBIS daily ticket

    ·         PBIS “Fun Days”



    Bathroom Procedure and Behavior

    ·         Students are responsible for going to the bathroom in the morning upon arrival to their classroom. The teacher will allow students to go to the bathroom during breakfast, each student is given the opportunity and should go at the time.

    ·         Any student who goes to the bathroom during instructional time will be require to pull their tag (unless there is documentation from the doctor of ongoing issues).

    ·         The bathroom break is at 11:00 a.m. recess (12:00 noon) and 2:50 p.m. Students are expected to sit quietly (zero voice level) and wait their turn to enter the bathroom while in the hallway.

    ·         Students are expected to take care of their business during the designated times and not to play in the bathroom.


    ·         Students will line up with line leader and door holder first, then all others will line up in ABC order and proceed down the hall to the cafeteria at zero voice level.


    ·         Homework is given to offer students the opportunity to practice different skills.

    ·         Students will receive a sheet to record their daily homework assignment, it will be their responsibility to keep up with their sheet.

    ·         Math and ELA homework will be given Monday – Thursday and will be checked. It is a must that students do their homework because it enhances their learning. Also there will be times when collected homework receives a grade.

    ·         Homework in other subjects will vary from day to day.

    ·         There will be consequences for homework that is not completed or turned in.


    Contact Information

    ·         You may call me and leave a message at the office (985) 345-0854 or send me an email at angelia.doughty@tangischools.org

    ·         Conference times will be before and after school on Monday’s and Thursday’s. Please email me or send a note to schedule a conference.


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