• OnCourse 

    This tutorial is on how to add attachments in OnCourse. This includes attachments for lesson plans and your webpage.

    Adding Documents to OnCourse 

    This tutorial is on how to customize your webpage in OnCourse.

    This tutorial is on how to add external links or additional pages to your OnCourse page.
    Adding a Page in OnCourse Adding a Page in OnCourse.pdf

    Check out the How-To Videos and the User Guides. There are illustrated, step-by-step instructions for anything you want to do in OnCourse.

    The best one for the Teacher Webpage, which covers everything above, is the  Website Editor User Guide.pdf.

    Creating a Website:  

    PDF Version:  Creating a Website.pdf 

    Is the Digital Native a myth? Read this article from ISTE for one viewpoint on this topic:
     Digital Native.pdf

    Are you teaching your students what they need to know in the area of technology? Take a look at the National Educational Technology Standards: