• Tangi Happenings
    May 2015
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    HWMS Triplets Love Berry Hill Farm
    Triplets in Kristin Ruiz's classroom at Hammond Westside Montessori School totally enjoyed their field trip to Berry Hill Farm this year.
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     Natalbany Elementary students
     Ms. Sharon Philipson’s 4th grade science classes at Natalbany Elementary learned about Louisiana’s Wetlands using special lessons and materials provided by the Youth Wetlands Program this year. The students explored the plight of the brown pelican and its success story; symbiotic relationships through investigating the squirrel and the oak tree; investigating insects with a focus on the dragonfly, the crane fly, and the mosquito; and experienced an arthropod adventure on the school grounds. Ms. Philipson was named as one of the Youth Wetlands Program Super Teachers this year. 
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    Amite High's new debate team, "Word Warriors," made a strong statement the second half the school year. The team's president, approached sponsor Tracy Morgan about forming a debate team with the hopes of establishing a club for students who identify more with academics than sports.

    "I wanted to start the debate team because I am one of those students who doesn't excel in sports but excels academically," once student said. "I wanted to enhance my education and see if others had the same passion as I do."

    After forming the team, the President's vision proved to be a great one. Composed of freshmen, the students pack Ms. Morgan's classroom with a total of twenty members. "When he approached me with the idea of forming a debate team, I didn't expect the number of students who would be interested," Ms. Morgan expressed. "What is more exciting than the number is the types of students who joined. Exceptional students joined, but also the most unlikely students signed up," Ms. Morgan continued. "The team isn't just composed of the students with the highest GPAs. Students who sometimes struggle or who have trouble managing their behavior are excelling in the club, as well."

    The skills students are learning are numerous. Not only do they develop public speaking skills, they have much work to do to prepare what they plan to say. The process results in increased confidence, respect for others, and research and writing skills. They also develop skills such as learning objectivity, listening, speaking, staking a claim and supporting it with evidence, considering multiple perspectives, weighing the importance of presented evidence related to an issue, responding to counter objections, and remaining composed while in the spotlight.

    "What students don't realize is that everything they are learning through the process of preparing and delivering an argumentative speech encompasses a multitude of Common Core Standards," Ms. Morgan explained. "Interacting with the debate process results in high levels of critical thinking, which is the goal of Common Core."

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     2014-15 Independence Middle Magnet School 8th Grade Video
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    Hammond High Magnet Key Club
    Hammond High Key Club members share a special moment with sponsor Mr. Wes Jacocks after their annual banquet at Trey Yen. The members have collectively volunteered over 3,300 service hours to their school and community this year.  
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     Woodland Park Magnet School

    What Teachers and Staff REALLY Do After School!

    Woodland Park Elementary Magnet School would like to share with everyone their last video for the 2014-2015 school year.  They hope you all enjoy.  Have a fabulous and safe summer.   
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    Independence High Literary Rally participants

    Independence High School State Literary Rally Participants


    These students - all freshmen- represented Independence High at the State Rally at LSU.

     Not pictured are two other seniors who also competed -    One of them placed 4th in Environmental Science.


    The Independence High School administration, faculty, staff and students are proud of these terrific Tigers!

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     Saratoga High School 5th Hour class in California
     Connecting with Others across the United States
     Woodland Park Magnet's morning television broadcast is watched by Saratoga High School students in California.  These students were so impressed with what our Pre-K and K students at WPEMS create, that they were motivated to reach out and let us know.  Read what their teacher sent to Melinda Blache, Communication Magnet Specialist, at Woodland Park.

    My name is Kelly Nicholson. I am a Biology and Chemistry teacher at Saratoga High School in California. Students in the Media Arts class at our school create a video every week to make announcements on Friday during 5th period. The video is posted on YouTube. Early this school year my 5th period Chemistry class had watched our announcements. When they were over, other videos popped up as suggestions to watch from that same YouTube channel. We saw a picture of an animated pig and the kids begged me to click on it.

    I did and we fell in love. Your students are so very cute and my 5th period students are the most tender-hearted kids I have had for many, many years. From the first viewing my students loved to see what the students at your school were up to that week. My kids all stood up, without me asking and because the pig had asked them, to make the Pledge of Allegiance. Every Friday, it was a small diversion they looked forward to.

    By December we had drafted a sing-a-long sheet so everyone could participate. Students decided that it would be awesome to send you a video that showed you how they felt. As 15 and 16 year olds tend to be, organizing the students to get together outside of class to work on the video was like herding cats. I tried to stay out of it...it was their idea. We finally did some background research and found out that your school year ends before Memorial Day. That lit a fire under all of us.

    Long story short, we have hobbled together a video (I am 50 years old and am a technological basket-case). It’s not our best effort…and it breaks a million copyright laws, I am sure (we even stole from you guys!), but the kids are soooo excited. It should be completed this weekend, but the kids have informed me that they have no idea where to send it.
    I have no idea how to send it. Some students say I should post it to YouTube and send you the link. Other kids say I should compress it (whatever that may mean) and send it to the school.

    I’m not sure you’re even interested in receiving it, but if you have any ideas or addresses, we would certainly love to show you what we made for you. It’s a busy time of year, I know, but any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Eleven more school days for you! ☺

    Enjoy your summer,
    Kelly Nicholson and Her 5th Period Chemistry Class

    Click here to see the video that the California students sent to Woodland Park. This is a perfect example of the power of communication, whether it be through technology, speaking and listening, or writing.  The work that our teachers and students do makes an impact on others.  
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     On Friday, May 1st Sumner Middle School celebrated "Rock the PARCC" day.  Teachers and students dressed up. Some of the entertainers that participated were Elvis & Priscilla, Prince, KISS and many more rock stars. Click here to see the music video that the "Sumner Middle Village People" performed.
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    O.W. Dillon Shakes it Off
    Click picture above to see their music video. 
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     Amite Elementary Magnet School recreated the song "Uptown Funk" and filmed a video to get ready for the upcoming PARCC testing in May.