• Tangi Happenings
    August 2014
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    TPSS Students are "Happy" that their first day back to school is Thursday, August 7, 2014. 
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     St. Vincent dePaul - Uniform for Kids
     St. Vincent DePaul's Uniform for Kids project supplied many students with school uniforms this summer.  The students and parents are very appreciative of this generous program.  Thanks to all who made this happen for our kids.
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    Photo Booth at Hammond Westside Montessori    HWMS Teachers in Photo Booth
    Colette Taillon's students and their families enjoyed the PhotoBooth activity that she had for them during Hammond Westside Montessori's Meet 'n Greet at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.
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    First Day of School around Tangipahoa Parish School System 
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    Red and Fred at IES

    Students at Independence Elementary School are greeted each year with a message from Fisherman Fred and Fisherman Red.  This year Fred and Red (Principal Lisa Raiford and Admin. Asst. Melanie Johnston) were too busy fishing in the Louisiana swamp to visit in person.  They sent a special video http://youtu.be/qC0TeEVxRjs introducing the FISH Philosophy principles (be there, participate, choose that positive attitude, and make someone’s day).  The first “BIG FISH”, Jaylon Hampton and Denycea Day, were announced on Friday. These two students had positive attitudes, completed all tasks, and participated in all activities during the first day of school. 


    The students at IES were also excited to learn about this year’s school theme “SWAMP” School-Wide Achievement of Mastery and Perseverance. Principal Lisa Raiford notes that perseverance is the key to success, and students must experience struggles and failures before they will ever achieve the determination they need to succeed.  This year, teachers will focus on teaching students strategies to develop perseverance though problem solving, literacy & writing across the content areas, and cooperative group experiences.  Teachers spent the first few days of school in professional development exploring strategies and methods to teach students problem solving, writing, and literacy skills.
    IES Big Fish
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    Sumner High FCCLA

    Sumner High FCCLA Events for the 2014-2015 school year include activities that provide service to the school and community, provide student members with a fun and safe social outlet to make new friends and deepen connections, and provide students with opportunities to develop service learning and leadership skills.  Through a grant with The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation Service Learning Program, students will be crocheting for residents at the Kentwood Manor Nursing home, Richard Murphy Hospice House, and Covenant House New Orleans.  They will also be making blankets with nursing home residents for children affected from neglect, abuse and homelessness.  FCCLA will be hosting the annual Faculty & Staff Thanksgiving dinner and Sadie Hawkins dance.  FCCLA also plans to hold fun events for its members like "Clubbin' to the Movies", "Mazin' & Blazin", Christmas potluck, FCCLA banquet and "FCCLA Packs the Park".  Members will learn southern cooking techniques as well as the history of Louisiana cooking at the annual field trip to the New Orleans School of Cooking.  The officer team will attend a leadership retreat to Tall Timbers for the FCCLA Fall Rally and members will be invited to attend and compete at the annual FCCLA regional meetings and State Leadership Conference.  FCCLA will also raise funds for CASA and the children in foster care through their annual Penny Wars competition.


    The FCCLA theme for this school year is "In FCCLA, We All Fit In."  This student organization, formerly known as Future Homemakers of America, focuses on the Family, Career and Community Leaders found in our youth, with family being our central focus.  Current and former students taking a course in Family and Consumer Sciences are eligible to join. 
    Sumner HIgh FCCLA
    FCCLA officers - Madeline O'Hern, Randi Shaidaee, Shelby Dykes - showing some love and appreciation to the awesome faculty and staff at Sumner High School during their first days back.  2014-2015 is off to a great start!!  Go Cowboys!!  
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    Hammond Westside Montessori 1st graders
    Mrs. Jenna Bellina's Fabulous First Graders at Hammond Westside Montessori read the book Wheels on the Bus, then did a phonemic awareness activity, bus safety activity,  and concluded with a school bus snack. 
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    Hammond Westside Montessori First Grade Teachers
    The first grade team at Hammond Westside Montessori had shirts made to wear that say "happy happy happy to be in first grade". Pictured are front row l to r.; Beth Soniat, Jenna Bellina, Rae Scarcello, Jamie Callihan. Back row l to r; Desiree Ricks, Dana Allen, Amy Peco, Hilary Davenport, Colette Taillon, Kaci Puglia and Gabby Smith.