Elementary Music Festival

    The Tangipahoa Association of Music Educators will be hosting its first Elementary Music Festival on DATE-TBA in the Ponchatoula High School Auditorium from approximately 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

    Each music teacher is asked to bring a group to perform 2-3 numbers with a maximum of ten minutes stage time (including transition time). All attending students will watch the performances of all other schools. The Master of Ceremonies (to be announced) will provide enrichment activities during transitions.

    Teachers should submit via email the following:

    Teacher Name
    School Name
    Name of performing group, if applicable
    Number of Students
    Grade Level(s) of Students
    Selections to be performed including
    o title
    o composer/arranger
    o source (such as Music K-8 vol. 18 no. 1)
    o soloists
    o instrumental components (Orff, recorders, Boomwhackers™, etc).
    Estimated time of performance
    Any staging requirements
    Any sound requirements (microphones, CD’s, etc)

    Teacher should use this form to submit the information. Open the file, type in your information, save the file as your last name (followed by a number if submitting more than one), and email the file to gwyn.rollins@tangischools.org. My example is here.

    Teacher submissions should be made by the deadline, DATE-TBA. They should be emailed to the entire list of elementary music teachers.

    Teachers should avoid performing selections already submitted by another teacher. 

    Past Programs

    May 5, 2009 - invitation