• Parish Honor Band: Symphonic Band (Grades 10-12)

    The following information is an overview of the requirements for the Parish Honor Band: Symphonic Band Audition.  The ensemble is open to audition by students in grades 10-12.  Exceptional students in grade 9 are encouraged to audition for this group in addition to the Concert Band (grades 7-9).

    Wind Auditions


    All wind players are required to play four major scales (concert keys listed):

    Set A (2017-18)

    B-flat, D-flat, E, G 

    Set B (2018-19)

    B, D, F, A-flat 

    Set C (2019-20)

    C, E-flat, G-flat, A 

    They will use the number of octaves as required by LMEA District IX for the High School District Honor Band (or a minimum of one full octave). 

    All wind players will play a chromatic scale equal in range to that required by LMEA District IX for the High School District Honor Band (or a minimum of one full octave).



    All wind players will play a portion of the etude required by LMEA District IX for the High School District Honor Band.  NOTE: When auditioning for DISTRICT Honor Band, the students is responsible for the entire etude in the following PDFs. The cuts for the PARISH Honor Band Auditions are marked in the PDFs as follows:

    Set 1
    Fall 2019

    Set 2
    Fall 2016

    Set 3
    Fall 2017

    Set 4
    Fall 2018

    Flute: Selected Studies for Flute by H. Voxman; Rubank Pub.

    Pg. 38, Andante cantabile, Ab Major. Soussman

    Pg. 8, Largo, E minor. Ferling-Rosé PDF

    Pg. 4, Sarabande, A minor. Bach PDF

    Pg. 12, Lento, D minor.


    Bb and Eb Soprano Clarinets – Selected Studies for Clarinet by H. Voxman, Rubank Pub.

    Pg. 2, Andante, C Major. Ferling-Rosé

    Pg. 22, Andante, Eb Major. Ferling-Rosé PDF

    Pg. 16, Adagio, G minor. Ferling-Rosé PDF

    Pg. 18, Andante, D Major. Mazas


    Alto, Bass, and Contra Clarinets – Artistic Studies for Clarinet, Book 1 (from the French School) ed. by D. Hite, Southern Music Pub.

    Pg. 49, measures 1 – 25

    Pg. 70, measures 22 – End PDF

    Pg. 59, measures 41 – End PDF

    15 Pg. 53, measures 1 – 32


    Oboes and All Saxophones – 48 Famous Studies for Oboe or Saxophone by Ferling, Southern Music Pub.

    Pg. 6, no. 11, D minor, Larghetto

    Pg. 12, no. 23, F# minor. Andante PDF

    Pg. 8, no. 15, B minor, Largo mesto PDF

    Pg. 4, no. 7, E minor, Largo


    Bassoon – 48 Famous Studies for Bassoon by Ferling-Thornton, Southern Music Pub.

    Pg. 5, no. 7, G minor, Largo

    Pg. 2, no. 3, C minor, Andantino PDF

    Pg. 20, no. 19, Bb minor, Andante PDF

    Pg. 8, no. 9, Ab Major


    Trumpet – Selected Studies for Cornet/Trumpet by H. Voxman, Southern Music Pub.

    Pg. 14, Valse, E minor. Bohme

    Pg. 24, Adagio cantabile, Eb Major. Pietzsch PDF

    Pg, 32, Adagio cantabile, Ab Major. Duhew PDF

    Pg. 12, Larghetto, G Major


    Horn in F – 335 Selected Melodious, Progressive, and Technical Exercises for French Horn, Book I, by Pottag-Andraud, Southern Music Pub.

    Pg. 50, Adagio

    Pg. 48, Adagio con expressive (1st five lines). Kopprasch PDF

    Pg. 51, Largo (1st five lines) PDF

    Pg. 19, no. 7, Andante


    Tenor Trombone – Selected Studies for Trombone by H. Voxman, Rubank Pub.

    Pg. 28, Maestoso, E minor

    Pg. 13, Valse lentement, D minor PDF

    Pg. 19, Largo cantabile, C Major PDF

    Pg. 26, Andante con moto, G Major


    Bass Trombone – Exercises from 24 Studies for Bass Trombone or Trombone with F-Attachment by Boris Grigoriev ed. Allen Ostrander, International Music

    pg. 2, no. 1, Lento, C Major

    Pg. 25, no. 23, G-flat Major PDF

    Pg. 21, no. 19, D-flat Major PDF

    Pg. 19, no. 17, E Major 

    Baritone/Euphonium (Bass Clef) – Selected Studies for Baritone by H. Voxman, Rubank Pub.

    Pg. 10, F Major, Larghetto cantabile

    Pg. 22, Db Major, Adagio cantabile PDF

    Pg. 2, Bb Major, Adagio cantabile PDF

    Pg. 18, C Major, Largo cantabile


    Baritone/ Euphonium (Treble Clef) - Selected Studies for Cornet-Trumpet by H. Voxman, Southern Music Pub.

    Pg. 12, G Major, Larghetto Cantabile

    Pg. 24, Eb Major, Adagio cantabile PDF

    Pg. 2, C Major, Adagio cantabile PDF

    Pg. 21, D Major, Largo cantabile


    Tuba – 70 Studies for BBb Tuba, Vol. 1 by Vladislav Blazhevich, Robert King Music Pub.

    Pg. 27, no. 28, 4/4, Eb Major, Andante Semplice

    Pg. 8, no. 9, 4/4, D minor, Andante cantabile PDF

    Pg. 22, no. 23, 6/4/, D Major, Andante PDF

    Pg. 19, no. 20, 2/2, G minor, Lento




    All wind players will sight-read a short exercise. 


    Percussion Auditions

    All percussionists will audition on both Batter and Melodics.


    On melodics, the students will play one octave each as follows:

    Set A (2014, 2017, 2020)

    B-flat, D-flat, E, G 

    Set B (2015, 2018, 2021)

    B, D, F, A-flat 

    Set C (2016, 2019, 2022)

    C, E-flat, G-flat, A 



    Percussionists will play both etudes as follows:

    Set 1

    Fall 2015

    Set 2

    Fall 2016

    Set 3

    Fall 2017

    Set 4

    Fall 2014

    Mallet Etudes – Masterpieces for Marimba by Thomas McMillan

    Pg. 14, Sonata by Handel (to letter B, without repeats)

    Pg. 16, Sonata by Corelli (lines 1-5) PDF

    Pg. 6, Sonatina by Telemann (lines 1-6) PDF

    Pg. 10, Sonata by Handel (beginning to letter B, without repeats)


    Snare Drum Etudes - Portraits In Rhythm by Anthony Cirone

    Etude #4 (lines 1-6)

    Etude #42 (p. 45, lines 1-5) PDF

    Etude #11 (lines 1-8) PDF

    Etude #2 (lines 7-12)



    Batter Rudiments

    For their auditions, batter percussionists will be required to prepare the following rudiments:

    Concert (closed) roll – (pp < ff > pp) 20-second time limit: 10 secs. for crescendo, 10 secs. for decrescendo.

    Rudimental (open) roll [double stroke roll]– (slow-fast-slow) 40-second time limit: 20 secs. for slow to fast, 20 secs. for fast to slow. 


    All percussionists will sight-read a short exercise on both melodics and batter.