Parish Honor Band: Middle School 


    The following information is an overview of the requirements for chair placement in the Middle School Parish Honor Band. 


    Wind Auditions

    All wind players are required to play four major scales: F, B-flat, E-flat, and A-flat Concert. They will use the number of octaves as required by LMEA District IX for the Junior High District Honor Band.
    All wind players will play a chromatic scale equal in range to that required by LMEA District IX for the Junior High District Honor Band (a minimum of one octave is recommended for students who cannot play the full range).


    All wind players will play one of the two etudes required by LMEA District IX for the Junior High District Honor Band.  All etudes come from the Rubank Intermediate method as follows:
    Set 1
    Set 2 
    Set 3 
    Flute pg. 6 #2 PDF pg. 6 #3 PDF pg. 9, top line only, until the repeat sign PDF PDF
    Oboe  pg. 5 #3 PDF pg. 9, top part only PDF pg. 15 #3 PDF PDF
    Bassoon pg. 3 #3 PDF pg. 5 #4 PDF pg. 4 #4 PDF PDF
    Clarinet pg. 9 #3 PDF pg. 13 #2 PDF pg. 21 #3 PDF PDF
    Low Clarinet pg. 49, bottom part only PDF pg. 19, bottom part only PDF pg. 28 #3, bottom line only PDF

    Bb: PDF

    Eb: PDF

    All Saxophones pg. 6 #3 PDF pg. 9, Duet, top part only PDF pg. 10 #2 PDF

    Bb: PDF

    Eb: PDF

    Trumpet/Baritone TC 
    pg. 12 #2 PDF pg. 15 #4 PDF pg. 8 #3 mss. 1-16 PDF PDF
    Horn pg. 16 #4 PDF pg. 11 #2PDF pg. 30 #2 mss. 1-16 PDF PDF
    pg. 13 #2 PDF pg. 19 #4 PDF pg. 9 #3 mss. 1-16 PDF PDF
    Tuba pg. 17 #4 PDF pg. 14 #4 PDF pg. 18 #4 PDF PDF 
    All wind players will sight-read a short exercise. 
    Percussion Auditions


    Beginning in 2014, all Percussionists will audition on both melodics and batter.

    On melodics, the students will play one octave each of F, B-flat, E-flat, and A-flat concert major scales. 


    Percussionists will play both etudes as follows:

    Set 1


    Set 2


    Set 3






    pg. 4 #4 PDF

    pg. 5 Exercise 3


    pg. 7 #3 

    pg. 7 Exercise 5


    pg. 26 Arban Etude PDF

    pg. 9 #7 PDF


    Mel.: PDF


    Batter Rudiments


    For their auditions, batter percussionists will be required to prepare the following rudiments, open-close-open, lasting no more than 30 seconds each:


    • Single-Stroke Roll
    • Paradiddle
    • Flam
    • Flam-tap


    All percussionists will sight-read a short exercise on both melodics and batter.