Parish Honor Band


    The parish honor band is designed to give students inspiration and assistance for a District IX Honor Band audition. Due to the fierce competition presented by other parishes in District IX, a parish honor band is necessary to introduce Tangipahoa students to the District Honor Band process. 
    The Parish Honor Band now uses a high-stakes audition process.  Membership is no longer determined solely through nomination. 
    Membership in the Ensemble

    Students gain membership to the ensemble through LIVE Audition. Names for auditions should be submitted electronically to the Instrumental chairperson approximately thirty days before the audition date (check the calendar for the exact deadline). Those students who audition:
    · Must be able to read music at a basic level of proficiency,
    · Must be enrolled in the school’s ensemble class,
    · Must show self-control in behavior,
    · Must be able to attend all rehearsals and the concert.
    Please do not nominate students who cannot attend all posted events.
    Chair-placement will be determined by this one round of auditions. 

    There is a $5.00 audition fee for each audition a student plays. This must be paid before the student is allowed into the audition room. Audition Information is listed on the Junior High and Senior High pages.
    Please note that there will be a fee of $20.00 per student assessed for participation in the ensemble. Students will pay $20.00 in cash when they arrive to the second round audition. Students who do not bring their fee will not be allowed to audition and participate.  Directors may choose to bring a school check to cover their students' $20.00 fees, but it must be paid before the students are allowed to rehearse. 

    Past Programs
    November 10, 2008: Program - Invitation
    November 17, 2009: Program - Invitation
    November 9, 2010: Program - Invitation
    November 8, 2011: Program - Invitation
    November 13, 2012: Program - Invitation