Loranger High School Colorguard
    Core Covenants
    What is a Core Covenant?
    Beyond the goals that the team sets each year, LHS Colorguard has nine core covenants that will guide our program.  These covenants are Colorguard-initiated and serve as a foundation and vision of what our program stands for.  Our core covenants are principles that each member of LHS Colorguard PRIDE PACK commits to visibly demonstrate in every aspect of their life.
    These covenants also stand for the legacy that each colorguard member hopes to leave behind...
    P- Proud "We are PROUD to be a WOLF!"  
    We show pride in our LHS community and our colorguard family.  We stay positive and keep our heads up win or loss.  We take pride in our school and what we do.  We are Loranger! 
    - Ready for Anything "We are Ready for anything that comes our way!"  
    We are ready to face any and everything that is thrown our way.  We have to be active and prepared at all times.  We are not afraid and stand as one.   Mess with one wolf... you get the PACK!!! 
    - Intelligent "We are Intelligent."  
    We have the intelligence to conquer our problems.  We as a team make good choices and think before we act.
    - Determined "We are Determined to succeed."
    We are determined to be the best and make this year memorable.  We work hard and keep going until we get it right.  We strive for success, set goals, and do what we need to accomplish them.  We are one. 
    - Excellence "We are Excellent at what we do."
    We will be excellent in all we do.  We are excellent because we put forth everything we have.  We accelerate our performances by rapidly building valuable skills for the team. We work hard, practice as one, and strive to do everything with excellence. 
    - Power "We have the Power to survive."
    We have the power to master all of our routines and toss our flags high!  We have the ability to do anything.  We are strong and do not go down without a fight. 
    - Achievers "We are Achievers."
    We push ourselves to succeed and achieve all our goals.  We take things step by step. Practice makes perfect.  We don't give up and we keep trying until we get it PERFECT! 
    - Colorguard "We are the Colorguard."
    We are a family that puts all our blood, sweat, and tears into representing our school and community.  We are the Pride Pack.... a team and family that sticks together.  We have each other's backs.  We love and care for one another.  We are Loranger High's Colorguard!! 
    - Keeping it 100% "We Keep it 100% True."
    We keep it 100% by putting forth everything we have and stick together no matter what the situation is.  We keep it real, are honest, true, and do what is right.  We stand together and support each other in the good times and bad.