• Loranger High School Cheerleading



     Beyond the goals that the team sets each year, LHS Cheer has eight core covenants that guide the program. These covenants serve as a foundation and vision of what our program is all about. Our core covenants are principles that each member of the LHS Cheer WOLFPACK commits to visibly demonstrate in every aspect of their life.


    These covenants also stand for the legacy each cheerleader hopes to leave behind…

    WwillingnessWe hold nothing back. We are not constrained by fear, pressure, or the limits of win-loss motivation.  We accept our circumstances and act out of a willingness to honor the talents that we have been blessed with.

    Oover enthusiasmWe have a relentless pursuit of excellence. We train our bodies with an intense and aggressive mindset regardless of the outcome. We develop a physical edge that enables us to be focused, confident, resilient, calm and in control of our emotions in every situation.

    LloveWe believe in more than team unity. We encourage, affirm, and appreciate each other. We have a “team above self” mentality where team members can celebrate each others successes because of the passion and love we have for what we do.

    FfamilyWe are a family. We support each other, respect each other, and are always there for each other. We accept and appreciate what each individual brings to the team. No teammate will ever feel like they are not good enough. We lift each other up with words of encouragement and push each other to accomplish our goals.    

    PpreparationWe go above and beyond the focus and work necessary at each practice to give us the confidence to succeed in any situation.

    AaccountabilityWe have the responsibility and respect to be trusted to show up on time, follow given instructions, do our best, and represent our team and school in a positive way. We do not let our “bad days” cost the team a good practice. We accept without complaining in order to better ourselves and the team. We recognize and acknowledge our mistakes and we look to ourselves to make corrections rather than blame others.
    CcommitmentWe have an undaunted commitment to each practice and performance, to our team and school, to our coaches and ourselves to give our very best every day.

    Kkeep the faithWe have faith in our individual abilities, faith in our teammates, faith in our coaches and the decisions that they make. But most of all we have faith in the plan that has been laid before us.