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    January 2014

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    Hammond Westside Montessori is ready for snow

    Beverly Free's students at Hammond Westside Montessori are READY for SNOW with cups of hot chocolate and marshmallow pretzel sticks.... just waiting!!!

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    Hammond Jr. High Magnet Students of the Month

    Hammond Junior High Magnet School is pleased to announce our Students of the Month.

    Each month a specific focus is overemphasized in each classroom. Teachers observe and record student

    interaction with the selected application through various classroom assignments and activities. At the end of the month, teachers nominate and select students whom they feel best represented that focus.



    Representing the 7th grade are Madison Harrill and Kennedy McVay.


    Madison is the daughter of Gary and Dawn Harrill.  Her grandparents are Jimmy and Brenda Horner, and Joe and Donna Harrill. Her favorite subjects are ELA, Biology, Theater, and Music. In her spare time she enjoys singing, dancing, piano, horseback riding, cheerleading, running, pageants, and volunteering. Her current activities include Beta Club, church youth group, Servolution, Cheerleading, and gifted theater. After high school, she plans on going to NYC to become a Broadway actress or a veterinarian.  


    Kennedy is the daughter of Christopher and Lavette McVay. Her grandparents are Brenda Pitts Harris, Samuel Dunomes, Johnny McVay, and the late MaryAnn Moore. Her favorite subject is Math. In her spare time, she enjoys basketball and watching TV. Her current activities include Beta Club, Girls for Christ, and youth choir. After high school, she plans on going to Yale to get a business degree and open her own restaurant. She would also like to become a doctor and own a hosptal.  


    Representing the 8th Grade are Tiarra Johnson and Lanell Martin.


    Tiarra is the daughter of Jacqueline Gibson and Terran Johnson. Her favorite is English because she enjoys writing. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, listening to music, and reading. She is a member of Beta Club. After high school, she plans on attending college and is still deciding on a career choice.


    Lanell is the daughter of Devona Batieste, David Sibley (step-dad) and Lionell Martin.  Her grandparents are Willie and the late Melva Batieste, and the late Lionell and Mary Perry. Her favorite subjects are ELA, Math, and Social Studies. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing, playing basketball, and playing volleyball. She is a member of Better Girls Club and is on the Volleyball Team. After high school, she plans on attending college and playing volleyball.


    Pictured from left to right are: Madison Harrill, Kennedy McVay, Tiarra Johnson, and Lanell Martin.


    HJHMS is helping students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to

    participate actively and responsibly in a changing world.

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    HWM visits with Chick-fil-A cow

    The Chick-Fil-A Cow came to visit students at Hammond Westside Montessori in preparation for the HWM "Spirit Night." Pictured are: Gerquanti Hambrick, (PTA President), Cow, Becky Navarra (Administrative Assistant), and Stephanie Morris, Marketing Director for Chick-Fil-A.

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    Judy Demarco’s System 44 “BEFORE SCHOOL” class at Independence Elementary School includes 23 students who volunteer to work on improving their reading abilities before the school day begins. Demarco says, “When students come in the morning, they work on System 44 Next Generation computer lessons or their library book. The computer instruction includes phonics and decoding, word strategies, and sight words, which is then applied to new skills that connect text. When a series is completed they read a Success passage which is 100% non-fiction text. These passages support comprehension and vocabulary.” Students can also work on their System 44 library book which promotes listening, comprehension and fluency. The System 44 library includes ebooks, which supports reading aloud and interactive vocabulary. The audiobooks scaffold students and promote listening comprehension. There are text-based questions, Quick Writes, and graphic organizers to reinforce oral and written comprehension. Quizzes are taken at the end to measure comprehension and hold students accountable. These students have taken ownership of their learning and improvements are being seen in their benchmark testing, DIBELS data, and classroom work.

     Judy Demarco's students at Independence Elementary

    Diamond Perry, Alisha Robinson, and Fantasia Robinson work diligently on their System 44 lessons before school begins at Indy Elementary.
    System 44 at Independence Elementary
    Russell Fontana uses the computer lesson to improve his reading scores and fluency.
    Judy Demarco's System 44 class at Independence Elementary
    Terry "Jacob" Perrin, Samuel Badon, Tayon Martin, and Cedric Baldwin show off the popcorn wall.  The wall is used to show how many words are read after each library book is tested and passed.
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