• Sailing Into Thanksgiving
    One of our favorite video conference lessons to participate in each year is "Sailing Into Thanksgiving," provided by Muskingum Valley.  The students learn the story of the first Thanksgiving through the creation of a beaded bracelet.  Each bead represents an important part of the struggles and triumphs the pilgrims endured on their journey to establish a home in the new world.  The blue bead represents the ocean they traveled across.  The white bead represents the sails of the Mayflower.  The yellow is for the corn served during the first feast, orange is for the pumpkins, and the red bead represents cranberries.  These were just a few of the fun facts that the students discovered during this lesson!
     fun making bracelets
    After all of the beads were added to the pipe cleaner, the students fastened the wire to form a bracelet.  By looking at the color pattern on the bracelet, the children were able to retell the events that led to the first Thanksgiving among the Pilgrims and Native Americans. 
    Both first and second grade classes at Tucker were able to participate in the lesson. 
    This will be a lesson that the students will remember for many years to come!
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