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    IndependenceHigh Students Synthesize Polymers


    On November 1, 2013 Independence High School students inMrs. Kimberly Boast’s class performed a polymer synthesis experiment with thehelp of D’Andreas Williams, a research associate from Pennington BiomedicalResearch Center and LSU Department of Chemistry. First, Ms. Williamsdemonstrated how to prepare polyurethane foam. She mixed two liquids, polyesterpolyol and diisocyanate, resulting in a polycondensation reaction that yieldedlarge-volume foam which later solidified into solid polyurethane foam. Polyurethane foam is found in many products such as mattress pads andautomobile seats.


    This demonstration was followed by preparation of “sillyputty,” another polymer that uses the same chemistry as the formation ofpolyurethane. Students performed the experiment using Elmer’s Glue, Borax watersolution, and food coloring. Students learned about how the Borax water causesa chemical reaction between the glue molecules (polyvinylacetate) and the boraxin order to produce a highly flexible, cross-linked polymer known as “sillyputty.” Students learned that polymers are formed like links in a chain; eachmolecule forms a chemical bond with another molecule and that molecule forms abond with another molecule and this linking continues to create the polymer. Tobetter help students understand the concept, Ms. Williams had students standand link arms to simulate the linking of chemical bonds in the polymersynthesis. 

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    Denise Holly and Kitty Faulkenberry
    Denise Holly, art teacher at SLU Lab School, is the President of Louisiana Art EducationAssociation for the 2013-14 school year.  She is pictured above with Talented Art Teacher, Kitty Faulkenberry, at the recent Louisiana Art Education conference in New Orleans.
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    Amite Elementary Magnet School turkeys
    Third graders at Amite Elementary Magnet School participatedin the annual Thanksgiving Turkey project. Students were encouraged to creatively decorate their turkeys with theirfamilies. The winners are pictured with Principal Gary Porter.  Maleik Felder- 1st Place, Dante Dotey- 2ndPlace, Aniyah Harrell - 3rd Place, Kyla Perkins - 4th Place and Max Thomas -5th Place.
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     Talented Theatre students
     The Sumner Middle School Talented Theatre students "workshopped" nine original four minute plays for their class under the direction of Charley Vance, Talented Theatre Instructor. The students, working in groups of four, selected an idea, then developed that idea into a play. The students also directed each play. The plays explored ideas ranging from spreading rumors to stealing to prejudice to bullying.
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    Beverly Free's class at Hammond Westside Montessori
    Mrs. Beverly Free's cute little turkeys at Hammond Westside Montessori :)
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    Sumner Middle School Cheerleaders
    Sumner Middle School cheerleaders, Jayde McElveen, Morgan Goings and Emily Phelps participated in the UCA All-American routine during the 63rd H-E-B Holiday Parade on Thanksgiving Day in Houston, Texas. Only the top 12% of the cheerleaders who attended Varsity camps this past summer earn the title UCA All-American cheerleader.