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    Tyra Smith Starkey
    Email: tyra.starkey@tangischools.org 
    Grade Taught: 10th
    Subject(s):  U.S. History
    School Phone: 985-878-6271
    Social Studies Department Chair
    LHS Leadership Team
    Debate Club/Mock Trial Team
    TPSS Lead Teacher 
    Conferences Available by Appointment
    Preferred form of contact via email or Remind 
    Ms. Starkey earned her Bachelor's of Arts Degree with a minor in History from Northwestern State Universtiy. 
    This will be her 8th year at Loranger High School. Outside of classroom instruction, Ms. Starkey serves as a TPSS Lead Teacher, LHS Social Studies Department Chair, member of the LHS Leadership Team, as well as the sponsor/coach of the LHS Debate Club/Mock Trial Team. Currently, she is serving on the TPSS Virtual Curriculum Team, where has written the U.S. History virtual curriculum to be implemented across the district this year. She is also serving on the 2020-2021 LA Department of Education's LEAP 2025 Content and Bias Review Board for U.S. History. Some of the highlights of her educational career include being selected as the 2016 - 2017 LHS Teacher of the Year, annual attendance at LA's Teacher Leader Summit, and presenting at Southern Region Education Board's Summer Conference in Baltimore, MD. 
    Outside of her career as an educator, Ms. Starkey enjoys spending time with her family, researching history, reading, paddleboarding, traveling, and camping. As a life-long resident of Tangipahoa Parish, she loves being part of this small community and is proud to call Loranger her home.
    Believing teachers play a vital role in the growth of their students, Ms. Starkey is looking forward to a great 2020 - 2021 school year. 
     If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.
                                                                                                             --Ronald Reagan