• Slime Time!
    Slime Time!  
    The students of Tucker Elementary took a hands-on approach to learning during a video conference lesson on matter.  The students discussed the different states of matter, acted out how molecules behave during each state, then worked together to create slime!  The students worked with an on camera teacher to perform the experiment.  Students payed close attention to make sure to perform each step in the process with accuracy.  Students were provided the opportunity to ask and answer questions during the lesson.
     slime time
     Students work together to create two different types of slime.  As they work, they observe the slime and make predictions as to whether the substances are solid, liquids, or gasses.
    Students model how molecules behave in various states of matter.  Molecules in a solid, for example, "stand" very close to one another and vibrate in their positions.  
    Students learn the importance of following directions step-by-step. The facilitator discussed the importance of using precise measurements when conducting experiments.  She also discussed that even the best scientists make mistakes, so it is important to learn from your mistakes and try again!
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