8/27- Constructed Response (3-5 sentences with text evidence) What was Cullen’s purpose for writing his book? *See page 189-190 and use your yellow archives sheet for help.


    9/4- Constructed Response (3-5 sentences with text evidence). In “Hollywood Dreams of Wealth, Youth, and Beauty”, Bob Mondello describes America as “dream-y” (par. 17). How does this word choice impact the meaning of the text? Cite other evidence from the text in your answer.


    9/4- American Dream Introduction Video


    9/11 Prezi Notes on F. Scott Fitzgerald


    9/12- Read Chapter 1 and began working on the study guide. This can be found in the make up bin. You can find the text online or listen to the audiobook via YouTube.


    9/24- Jeopardy Vocabulary Review Game Gatsby Jeopardy Ch. 1-3 Vocabulary


    Gatsby Party Information 

    October 25, 2019


    Gatsby Ch. 4-6 (Kahoot)

    Entire book Review (Kahoot)


    2019-2020 Journals

    Five minute journal writing in your composition book. Must be one page in length.


    Journal #1 (8/27) What does the American Dream mean to you?

    Journal #2 (8/29) If you won the lottery and never had to work another day in your life, what would you do?

    Journal #3 (9/5) How much time do you spend on social media and do you think your social life is improved by your time spent on social media.

    Journal #4 (9/10) Does social media portray an accurate life/lifestyle? Does social media make you a better person?

    Journal #5 (9/11) Watch I Believe- 9/11 Tribute prior to writing your journal. Reflect on the tribute. What are your thoughts and feelings about 9/11? 

    Journal #6 (9/19) How do you feel about the characters that you have met in The Great Gatsby so far?  Do any of the characters remind you of anybody that you know? How have the female characters been portrayed so far?

    Journal #7 (10/1) What do you consider to be the three best ways to find a job.  Explain why you think these methods would work and how you would put them into practice.

    Journal #8 (10/17) Does our fascination with scandal, gossip, rumor, and celebrity lifestyles affect our behavior?  Does it encourage scandalous behavior among us?  Examples?  Do you read gossip magazines or watch gossip television (ie - TMZ or The Soup)?

    Journal #9 (10/18) Does wealth cause carelessness, as with the Buchanans? Or are wealthy people usually generous and sensitive to others? Examples? If you become wealthy, what will you do for others?

    Journal #10 (10/30) Would you have attended Gatsby’s funeral?  Was he “great” enough, after all?  Should family members of criminals honor them by attending their funerals?  Support with specific reasons. 

    Journal #11 (12/5) - "Thanksgiving." How was your Thanksgiving Break? What are you thankful for?

    Journal #12 (12/6)- "Fear." Write about your fears. What does your fear care most about you? What does fear hope to accomplish in your life? How does fear feel about you? What does it mean to face your fears ?


    Journal #1 (1/8)- How was your holiday? What are you looking forward to in 2020?

    Journal #2 (1/17)- Freewrite! Pick a topic!
    Journal #3 (1/29) "Religious influence"- How has religion influenced American identity? Can we have rleigious independence and political freedom? How are civil rights and religion connected?
    Journal #4 (2/18) "Public Humiliation" - Hester is sentenced to wear the "A" on her bosom for the rest of her life AND stand for three hours on the pillory, subject to the ridicule of the townspeople. Is Public humiliation an appropriate punishment for Hester? Does it work? Does it work in the modern day?
    Journal #5 (3/5) "Revenge"- Chillingworth admits he "wronged" Hester when he married her. He knew she didn't love him and he realized she was very young. Nevertheless, he vows he will have vengeance on the man who committed adultery with Hester. Why should he still feel the need for vengeance? What does this reveal about his character?
    Have you ever had an issue where you wanted to seek revenge? Did you? How did it end? Is there anything you regret?