In the SWAMP we are:
    Safe & Studious
    Willing to Learn
    Accountable for our actions
    Mindful of Others
    Preparing Honorably for Success! 


    Mrs. Pugh

    English III/ Room 306

    Current Email: alexandra.popp@tangischools.org

    Soon to be Email: alexandra.pugh@tangischools.org

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    REMIND APP TEXT @e3pugh to 81010 or download the app! 


    General Info:

    I have high expectations of all my students. All should be prepared for class and take responsibility for their work or lack thereof. All guidelines and due dates will be communicated to students well in advance; therefore, they should schedule accordingly.



    $10- Homeroom fee (1st Hour)

    $5- English Fee

    Please write separate checks payable to PHS or send cash!


    Supplies you need EVERYDAY:

    • (LARGE) Binder
    • THREE (3) Dividers- bell work, assignments, archives
    • Composition Notebook- for quick/free writes. This will be STRICTLY a writing journal for THIS CLASS ONLY. 
    • Loose-leaf (+2 packs)
    • #2 Pencils
    • Blue or Black ink pens (Do not use other colors for graded work!!)
    • Highlighters
    • White Out


    Supplies for each class/student:

    1st Hour- Chlorox/Lysol wipes *Antibacterial (no bleach)

    3rd Hour- Paper Towels

    4th Hour- Hand Sanitizer

    5th Hour- Hand Sanitizer

    6th Hour- Kleenex

    7th Hour- Kleenex


    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Exhibit RESPECT
    2. Stay on TASK
    3. Give EFFECTIVE feedback
    4. LEARN from mistakes
    5. Be POSITIVE

    Cheating will not be tolerated and result in a zero for the assignment and/or a discipline referral. 


    Behavioral Expectations:

    Students should:

    1. Follow instructions the first time they are given.
    2. Remain seated and on task.
    3. Be prepared for class
    4. Exhibit RESPECT (respect for self, peers, teachers, visitors, school, etc.)
    5. Be seated and begin bell work before the tardy bell rings.
    6. Follow/ observe school rules.

    An automatic 15-minute detention is given for students needing to use the restroom and for any student that is TARDY to class (i.e. not in assigned seat with notebook out PRIOR to tardy bell ringing)


    Corrective Actions:

    First offense- Warning

    Second offense- 15-minute detention (time will be at the discretion of the teacher) & student/teacher conference

    Third offense- 30-minute detention & parent contact

    Fourth offense- Punish work due the next day (with parent signature)

    Fifth Offense- Office Referral

    Note: Detention times are scheduled at the teacher’s convenience. Students who ride the bus will have to provide transportation to morning detentions. Exceptions will not be made for those who CHOOSE to break the rules! If you miss detention, it will be doubled on the following day. If you miss detention the second time, you will be referred to the discipline office. 



    Verbal recognition

    Positive Parental Contact

    Individual or class reward/snacks

    Bonus Points

    PBIS points

    Good grades ☺



    Grades will consist of points earned from tests, quizzes, bell work, essays, homework, binder checks and participation. Note: I do NOT give grades; you EARN them! Attendance and organization is extremely important for success. It is very difficult to “catch up” when you miss instruction or are missing work and/or notes. All points accumulated will be totaled and divided by the total possible points to obtain an average. The grading scale for Tangipahoa Parish is as follows:

        A= 100-93%                  B=92-85%                C= 84-75%                D= 74-67%            F= 66-0%

    It is your responsibility to keep up with grades. You may use OnCourse at home or during your personal time to access your grades or you may see me before or after school with a pass!


    All work should be grammatically correct and answered in complete sentences.


    Essays will be typed in MLA8 format and in Times New Roman, 12 Font, double spaced with 2’’ margins. Students will not be allowed to leave class to print an essay!


    1. Homework will be given daily and includes unfinished classwork. 
    2. Upon entering class, the student will copy down the homework in his/her planner and begin the bell activity. Parents, please check your child’s planner daily for homework reminders and announcements! Some homework will be graded for completion (based on the student’s best ability). Other graded work will be turned in and counted separately. Note: Completing unfinished daily work and/or studying COUNTS AS HOMEWORK! 

    Make-up Work:

    1. You cannot make up any graded assignments without an EXCUSED absence. This rule is in strict adherence to the Tangipahoa Parish School System’s policy on attendance as well as Ponchatoula High’s policy.
    2. If you have a note from home or a doctor’s excuse you have THREE (3) days to make up missed work. You are responsible for making up any missed work. See Ms. Pugh (me) for a date and time to make up a test. #notyoursecretary
    3. A handwritten note from home only allows you to make up work; it will count as an unexcused absence and will count toward the NC of a course if you have SIX (6) or more per semester.
    4. If you are absent the day an assignment is due, it is your responsibility to turn it in as soon as you return to school. If you forget, you will lose points or received a ZERO for that assignment. Check my website or the “make-up” folder for any missed worksheets or handouts. It is your responsibility to make up MISSED work.
    5. Work can be made up before school, after school, or during lunch with approval and notice! Don’t forget to ask me for a pass!


    Absences for School Related Activities (i.e. field trip): Students on field trips are considered present. For example, if an essay is due on the day a student is on a school sanctioned trip, the paper is to be turned in before departure or immediately upon return if during school hours. If the essay is not turned in, the student will receive a zero. If there is a test scheduled for the day of a field trip, the student will need to schedule with me to take the test before or after school the day of the field trip or the very next day. If the student does not make arrangements to take the test, he/she will receive a zero for that test.

Failure to keep up with assignments is quite detrimental to a student's grade. Consequently, all students should be checking the website for assignments, but it is doubly important for students who are absent.


    Late Work: Due dates are enforced. If you miss the due date, you can turn the assignment in the next day for 50% off. Students will not be able to leave the classroom in order to print or finish an assignment. 


    Tutoring/Extra Help: Should a student need additional help, please speak with me privately. I am here to assist you. I will be available before or after school, as well as lunch. However, you will need a pass to enter into the hallways, so plan ahead and let me know ahead of time (not the day of). 


    Textbooks: Most likely you will not use textbooks. Our curriculum requires outside sources and readings. However, I can issue you a book to take home. After checking-out a book, the book becomes YOUR responsibility. Damage and replacements costs for the book will also be your responsibility. Also, if you borrow any book from the class library, you are responsible for it. Any lost or damaged book will result in the loss of your privilege to borrow books and a fine for the cost of the book.


    Novels: Most of our anchor texts can be found online free of charge. However, if you need to borrow a book to take home, please raise your hand to let me know. Then, sign your initials on the side board so that we can both remember that it is being borrowed. When you return the book TO ME, one of us can erase your initials from the board. Again, you are responsible for the book/material. Any lost or damaged book will result in the loss of your privilege to borrow books and a fine for the cost of the book.



    Cellphones and other electronics including ipads, computers, smartwatches:

    PHS does not have a bring your own device policy. Therefore, cellphones are not allowed at school or in class at any time. I do not want to see or hear a cell phone. Cell phones should be OFF and in your school bag or purse at all times. Students will not be given a warning for cell phone use. All cellphones will be confiscated and turned into the discipline office. 


    Entering the Classroom/ Bell work:

      1. Please enter quietly and orderly.
      2. Each student should bring his binder with work, and a writing utensil each day. Come to class PREPARED. Failure to be prepared for class will result in at least a 15-minute detention or punish work. #beprepared
    • In order to enter the classroom, students will be in proper dress code with a visible ID worn at all times.  
    1. Students will not be able to leave once entering the class room. Take care of restroom breaks prior to class.
    2. DO NOT STAND AT MY DESK (OR NEXT TO ME IN THE HALL) BEFORE CLASS or at any other time. If you need something, start your assignment (or bell work) and raise your hand to get my attention.
    3. All students should remain seating throughout class. If you need to get up, please raise your hand and wait to be called on.
    4. All students should remain QUIET & WORKING throughout the class period. 
    5. Your binder is your most important possession in the class. It should be kept neatly organized with notes from bell work, assignments, and archives.  The binder should be clearly labeled with the student’s name and should not be used for any other subject (unless neatly organized and separated).  If you do not get a binder and/or do not maintain it in an orderly way, you could fail my class. Be sure to have your binder with you every day in an organized manner so that you can receive full credit on all binder checks! ☺  NOTE: This syllabus is the first thing that should be placed in the FRONT of your binder (before the dividers). Be sure to keep all assignments (graded and non-graded) unless instructed to remove them by the teacher. 
    6. As you enter the classroom, you will need to sit down and begin copying your homework (if applicable) and working on the “Bellwork Activity”. If necessary, sharpen your pencil BEFORE THE BELL RINGS. All students WILL be working when the tardy bell rings—no exceptions. Failure to start bell work prior to the tardy bell will result in a 15-minute detention. 
    7. If you are tardy to class (not in your assigned seat with binder and pen/pencil out working on the bell work), you must sign the tardy log (by the door) and receive the appropriate consequence (15-minute detention).
    8. Homework will be checked during bell work. If your homework is not on your desk at this time, I will assume that you did not complete it, resulting in a ZERO (0) for the assignment.
    9. Participation is required at all times. Students will not be allowed to sleep or put their heads down to avoid an assignment.

    Returning from an Absence:

    • If you are returning from an absence, you may check the “Make-up Bin” located at the front desk by the door. I will have my lesson plans in the front (printed for your convenience), along with my binder, and folders containing missed work. They will be dated and in the order in which they are completed. It is YOUR responsibility to make up assignments! #stillnotyoursecretary. 
    1. You may check the make-up folder for missing assignments BEFORE class, during independent work, or after the bell; however, you MUST ask permission to be out of your seat. Do NOT check the make-up bin while I am in the middle of teaching/speaking or while a guest speaker is speaking.
    2. After checking the bin (and plans), if you are still unsure about what you missed in class, raise your hand and wait to be called on. Once I recognize you, remind me nicely that you were not here the day before and I will assist you in catching up the assignment. 


    Throwing Trash Away: You may throw trash away at the end of class, or I can come dispose of it for you if you just sit it on the corner of your desk.


    Packing Up: 

    1. Students should stay seated and quiet before dismissal. 
    2. Students will only pack up when told to do so. I will give you plenty of time to put away your materials and prepare for your next class. I dismiss the class, NOT THE BELL. Students should never stand and hover waiting for the bell. 
    3. You will not be dismissed (by Mrs. Pugh) until your area is CLEAN and books are neatly put away. #notyourmaid

    Testing/Assignment Procedures: 

    • After completing an assignment or test, you should turn it over (or in) and sit silently or work on any other school assignments. At no time can you talk to other students (working or finished) during this time; talking during this time will result in a ZERO (yes, even if you are done) #nocheaters
    1. If a test is scheduled in advance, and you miss the day before, you will take the test on the assigned day. For instance, if the test is Wednesday and you miss Tuesday, you will take the test on Wednesday when you return. 
    2. If the test is scheduled in advance, and you miss test day, you will take the test when you return. For instance, if the test is Wednesday, and you miss Wednesday, you will take it on Thursday. You will need a pass to enter the hallways during lunch or before school. 

    Intercom: During morning announcements, students will remain quiet and listen. If an announcement interrupts class, you should listen attentively and listen to all of the information (even if the information does not pertain to you). The intercom is not a signal for you to stop working, start talking to a neighbor, or pack up.

    Restroom: Students will need to use the restroom PRIOR to entering class. If it is an emergency, you may go in exchange for a 15-minute detention. This is PHS policy. 

    Leaving the Room: If you MUST leave the room, you will need to fill out your planner and get the teacher to initial next to it. You will need your planner in the halls at all times. Again, you will not be allowed to use the restroom during class, unless you opt for a 15-minute detention. You will still need to fill out your planner and take it with you!

    Miscellaneous Class Procedures:

      1. When the teacher is asking questions to the class, you should not call out the answer. The teacher will ask the question and then call on a student. This could be a volunteer or a non-volunteer. All students should raise their hand and WAIT to be called on at all times.
      2. Class discussions will be held to broaden perspectives and to build a sense of community within the classroom. At no point are you allowed to make fun of, laugh at, or criticize a peer’s input. #becompassionate #bekind
      3. Group work is a privilege and will require maturity and respect. 
      4. If you feel that you need to get up for any reason, you need to ask for permission by raising a hand and waiting for my response. Again, please sharpen pencils (and anything else that requires you to move around) at the beginning of class and save trash until the end of class when you can throw it away (#stillnotyourmaid). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE SHOULD YOU EVER GET UP AND WALK IN FRONT OF ME OR ANY OTHER SPEAKER.
    • No eating, drinking, or gum chewing at any time. This will attract ants, mice, and other rodents. Water is okay. #yuck
    1. Exhibit appropriate behavior and follow ALL school rules. #behonorable
    2. Respect my room and things! DO NOT TOUCH MY A/C or any other things that can be considered MY property. You will need to adjust your wardrobe before I adjust the temperature of the classroom. 
    3. There should NOT BE ANY TALKING at anytime (unless you have otherwise been instructed by the teacher to do so).
    4. If at any time you do not know or recognize a word. Raise your hand and ask to get up to get a dictionary so that you can look up the word! #notyourdictionary

    If at any time a student chooses to violate a class rule, his or her actions will be recorded on a discipline chart, and he or she will have to initial/sign the chart. The appropriate consequence will be given out during that class period. If the student chooses to argue, the behavior will be recorded and he or she will be referred to the discipline office immediately. Any discussion of violations should be after class during lunch.

    Academic Dishonesty:


    1st Offense: ZERO (0) for the assignment and parent contact

    2nd Offense: Discipline Referral 


    The following are some examples of academic dishonesty that may occur in the English class setting:

    • Plagiarizing from a copyrighted or published work, electronic source, or another student. Plagiarizing includes passing others’ ideas as your own original or stated ideas, opinions, analyses, language content, author style, etc.      
    • Using on-line or published material, such as essays or analyses, and representing it as your own or in lieu or reading assigned material. This particularly applies to online downloadable essays and analysis associated with such sites as Spark Notes or Cliff Notes.
    • Copying the online answer keys.      
    • Using downloaded analyses and other types of information during a timed or untimed composition.
    • Sharing or using test/quiz answers or test/quiz information with other students.
    • Using any type of electronic device or recording device during class/testing periods.     
    • Violating the specific instructions for a given test or writing assignment by having in one's possession materials not allowed by the teacher's stated or written instructions or by not conforming to the time constraints of the test or essay. 
    • Talking or passing notes and materials during a test or writing assignment. Academic dishonesty may be alleged even if conversation is not directly heard or materials seized by the teacher because the act itself violates the testing period instructions.
    • Parents, siblings, or other family members completing an assignment for a student. (Editing for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes is perfectly appropriate.)