• Class Policies and Procedures

    Classroom Procedures and Expectations

    Voice Level 0!

    We are ALWAYS at voice level 0 unless told otherwise!!

    I will expect you to follow the procedure for getting my attention when you wish to speak!


    First, students get breakfast at 7:45am and report to class for 8:00am to work on the morning bell ringer activity, to eat breakfast and get our brains working!!

    Students are to unpack and get out their supplies for the beginning of the day!

    Students will place all notes, excuses in the designated tray!

    Bell Work should be completed each morning.


    You will be given 2 sharpened pencils each morning to use for the day!

    If you break a pencil, you will raise your pencil and be given a replacement.

    You may have a hand pencil sharpener at your desk.

    Chimes and Give me 5!

    When I need your attention, I will ring the chimes, pause and put my hand up!
    All eyes should be on me with mouths closed, hands empty and arms straight up in the air, and ears ready to hear directions!!
    Staying Seated
    It is expected that you will stay in your chair when I am teaching. You do not wander to the pencil sharpener, library or to the book cubbies without permission. Unless we are doing activities that require us to move around you should be sitting in your up in your chair with your feet on the floor and paying attention.
    Hocus Pocus
    When I say "hocus pocus" you reply "everybody focus" and close your mouth with eyes on me waiting for directions.
    You reply in a normal voice, you do not yell or scream your reply.

    Getting my attention

    If you need to speak to me, please raise your hand to indicate this! Do NOT get up out of your chair and come to me unless it is an emergency. If I am teaching please leave matters that can wait until we transition.

    If you need to speak to me privately, you may write a note and raise your hand to give it to me!

    I will address you and give you permission to speak or come to me!  Thank you for your cooperation on this!   I want to hear what each of you has to say!!

    Lining up and walking

    When we are ready to line up, we will tell you where we are going and say it is time to line up.

    You are not to move until we start counting. We will count to ten very slowly!

    When we say 1, you may stand and WALK QUIETLY to your assigned place in line. 

    Once in line, you are to remain quiet, with your hands by your side and facing forward!!

    We will always travel together!  If I stop, you do to!!  (No teacher is to be left behind!)

    The students will ALWAYS travel in alphabetical order!

    Running Errands

    Any time you are asked to take a note, etc to the office or another teacher, use your manners!!  You represent our class!

    When traveling outside of our class, make sure to ALWAYS have a pass or note to show you have permission to be out of class.

    Knock on the teacher’s door, or wait patiently to speak to the adult you were asked to visit.  Identify yourself and tell them which class you are coming from.  Give the note or message and patiently wait for a response.

    Return to class quickly.


    We will have one recess a day outside if the weather permits AND if you behave in the cafeteria!

    Recess will be immediately following lunch.

    Students will walk to the recess area and will not rough house!  You are to keep your hands to yourselves and enjoy visiting with your friends and classmates! THIS IS A RESTROOM time!

    When I blow the whistle, you will line up by the count of 10.

    Testing and Test Folders

    Your first and last name and number must be on your test.

    While ANY tests are out, there will be NO talking!

    You are to raise your hand if you have a question or problem!

    You will have a book available to read once you are finished!

    Test folders will be sent home MOSTLY every other Wednesday. 

    Please sign and date and return the folder the following day! 


    Homework is given to offer YOU the opportunity to practice different skills!!

    Math homework will be given Monday-Thursday and will be checked each day

    Spelling will have a set assignment and be picked up for a grade on Fridays

    Other subjects will vary day by day!

    Absences and make-up work

    We will all miss some days.

    Please promptly turn in excuses, look on the board for last night’s homework and check your book cubby for any class work or tests you may have missed!

    It is YOUR responsibility to make up missed work! Ask for help if you need it!!


    If you are sick, please let me know! 

    If you are going to throw up, please cover your mouth, grab the closest garbage can  and head to the bathroom!

    I will send a student to check on you!


    You are expected to come to school each day ready to learn!   Remember the new policy!

    We are a team and each of you is essential to our overall success!

    If you have a problem or situation, please make us aware so we can assist you as needed!

    Rewards and consequences

    Rewards include Verbal Praise, Treasure Chest picks, PBIS tickets and PBIS “Fun Days!”

    Consequences progress through steps: Warning and conference, Contact parent by phone or note, Teacher Intervention (Corrective Action form), Teacher- Parent conference(Required),  Conference with Administrator and  a. Parent Contact& b. Counselor/Behavior interventions and concludes with Name Placed on Referral.

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