• doughty


    Angelia Doughty
    Email: angelia.doughty@tangischools.org
    Grade Taught:  5th Grade
    Subject(s): ELA & Social Studies    
    School Phone:  (985) 345- 0854
    Room Number:  103
    Conferences Available by Appointment.
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    Welcome to 5th grade. I will be teaching ELA and Social Studies to your child. It is an honor to have your child in my class. My belief is that all children can learn and I look forward to working with you and your child.  We are off to a great school year and I look forward to being able to explore and adventure into the unknown with my students as we travel through time and investigate document based questions (DBQ). This year, I hope to incorporate educational field trip that will help students to meet the challenges that are faced each day. Please make sure your child is present everyday, participate in class, work hard, keep up with his/her homework assignments and classroom work.
    I love teaching and learning and I believe all students deserve an opportunity toward a rigorous education that's engaging and thought provoking. It is my desire to provide your child (my students') with the necessary tools he/she needs to move to the next level. It is my privilege to teach and to learn on this path to a higher education and bright future for your child.
     We are looking forward to an exciting and great school year!
     "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela