Ms. Simoneaux
    Ms. Mandy Simoneaux
    Email: mandy.simoneaux@tangischools.org 
    6th grade - Math
    Martha Vinyard Elementary
    Rm # 26 Responsibility Roadway 
    (Conferences available by appointment)
    Phone: (985) 386-6364 
    Hello and thank you for visiting my webpage. My name is Mandy Simoneaux and I am a 6th grade Math teacher at Martha Vinyard.  This is my tenth year teaching and sixth year in Tangipahoa Parish.  I've earned a Bachelor's Degree from Southeastern Louisiana University.  
    I believe that each child is unique in their own way and deserves a safe environment where they can grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially.  As a teacher, I promise to guide my students to do their best in every aspect of their life. I also have a passion for Mathematics and it is my goal to get my students to love and appreciate it as well. Watching my students grow and learn from year to year is extremely rewarding to me.