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     Hammond High Volleyball Team
    Coach Amber Babin and the Lady Tornado Volleyball team raised $710.50 and donated the money to Mrs. Ann Bolton, a breast cancer survivor in their community.
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     Roseland Montessori and Entergy
    Eunice Harris, the Customer Service Specialist at Entergy, awarded Roseland Montessori School a $500.00 grant towards the purchase of reading materials. One of Entergy's goals is to have a positive impact on high school graduation rates in the communities that it serves. Entergy is honored to be a part of Roseland Montessori School's ongoing progress towards academic success with this grant. Pictured left to right: Kay Saragusa, Montessori Specialist, Eunice Harris, Entergy Customer Service Specialist, and Roxanne Patti, Principal. 
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    Voter Registration Voting Card
    Voting for President
    Students in Mrs.Jamie Greer's 1st grade class, at Independence Elementary, held a mock election while learning about the voting process. Students created voter registration cards, signed in to vote, and casted their vote via computer for President of the United States. Mrs. Greer decorated a voting booth box to cover a computer station. Each student voted for his or her candidate for this presidential election. Raelyn MacNeil serves as a poll worker taking student IDs and having students sign-in. Chelse Jackson shows off her voter registration card. Melodie Holton casts her vote via computer.
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    Relay for Life winner of pumpkin head contest

    Hammond Westside Montessori Relay for Life co-captains Michelle Hampton and Chasity Joseph entered the Pumpkin Decorating contest at Relay for Life and won first place. Michelle Hampton, librarian, and Assistant Superintendent, Lionel Jackson, pose above with the winning pumpkin.

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    I'm not a turkey

    Patricia Milton's first grade students at Spring Creek Elementary display their great "I'm NOT a Turkey" projects. The kids can disquise their turkey in any way they choose and as you can tell, there are quite a few creative turkeys in the Spring Creek area :)

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    Loranger School's Cornerstone
    Happy 100th birthday!
    Wednesday, November 28, 2012, marks 100 years since the ground breaking for the school in Loranger. The cornerstone above is still on the campus today. Diana Puls' great grandparents (and her husband's great grandparents) were originally settlers in the Loranger community. Mrs. Puls' grandmother was a fourth grade teacher at Loranger Elementary for years. She is very proud to carry this tradition on for her family as she teaches third grade at Loranger Elementary.
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    Sumner Middle School laptops
    Sumner Middle School sixth graders in Estelle Bahm's class have learned about three world religions this week and are using netbooks to take notes and save in My Documents. Ms. Bahm states that whenever the students use the computers there is 100% engagement on task.
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