Beginning of Class Period Procedure:
    1. Enter quietly.

    2. Sit in your assigned seat.

    3. Read the Bellwork assignment.

    4. Take out ONLY the necessary materials needed to complete the Bellwork assignment.

    5. Complete the BW assignment.


    Classroom rules:

    M.A.P. (Management; Accountability; PositiveAttitude/Behavior)


    1. Management:

    Stay on task.

    Complete all assignments in a timely manner.


    2. Accountability:

    Be responsible for your materials & actions.


    3. Positive attitude/behavior:

    Be kind & helpful.

    Be respectful to yourself and others.

    brain break            treasure map

    Classroom Rewards:

    1. Treasure MAP ticket

    2. candy

    3. verbal praise

    4. computer time

    5. Brain break coupon

    6. **weekly drawing for “Pirate of the Week”
                         Consequences for Behavioral Issues in the Classroom:
                                     (based on individual situations; not listed in any particular order)
                         1. verbal/nonverbal warning
                       2. documented in behavioral log
                       3. reflective essay
                       4. sent to "Buddy Teacher" to complete assignment and/or reflective essay
                       5. contact with parents/guardians via email and/or phone call
                       6. contact with/sent to Mr. Matthews, Mr. Polk, and/or Mrs. Monistere