• TangiTech Social Studies
     Day 1


    Electronic Chalkboard - Make sure that you read everything each morning to find out procedures, assignments and announcements for the day. Every day we will have morning activities/bell ringers like we did in TangiTech #1 and #2. Click on the morning activity to go to the explanation in the list below.

       Lilly - The World Map Master !

    social studies


    Introductions & What's It All About? - Use the "Calling All Capitals" (ppt) cards to play "I Have.... Who Has?" and introduce ourselves.


    Folder in OneDrive- Create a folder in OneDrive to save your work in. Your OneDrive folder is mapped to your computer in the same location as your network drives.  We will share our files in Blackboard. 


    Journal - Login to Blackboard and navigate to "Content" and "Day 1."  Your journal response can be submitted here.  The Journal Question for today is "Consider the social studies standards and skills for your grade level dealing with maps, globes, land forms, states, countries, etc. Which units/lessons/activities would benefit from enriching the curriculum with technology activities and projects... Which units need "beefing up?" 

      world in hands


    E-Mail Assignment -  Each day you need to check your Tangischools e-mail account and complete the assignment. Reply to me at ttss@tangischools.org


    Question of the Day - Complete the question of the day below using Padlet.  "Beginning with the smallest, name the continents in size order, then name the oceans from the smallest to the largest." 

     world  The Connected Classroom

    Research Tool 

    Your students will need to conduct research in your social studies classroom. TangiSchools subscribes to World Book Online. During class today, we will browse through the many sites that comes with our World Book subscription. We will use the sites during the next 3 days as we research topics to complete our projects.
     Catching Current Events
     Here is a free template you can use with your students as they gather information through online research.

    "App"-tivity of the Day -  Each day you will need to visit the "App"-tivity Station.  A task will be assigned for you to complete.  Visiting the station will give you the opportunity to explore an app, while discovering ways to implement iPod and iPad activities into your social studies lessons.
     Today's App:             
     World Book
    Visit the "App"-tivity Station.  Use World Book's "This Day in History" to fill in a fun-fact sheet about your birthday. Take the sheet back to your seat.  We will share our information as a group.  Click here for a copy of the activity sheet:  The Day I was Born.


    Where in the World...? 

    Get out your devices for this interactive quiz.  Let's see what you know...
    Pressed for time...as class activity you could... 
    Volume 1 - Ten questions should be completed together with your Learning Team. You may use the paper atlases on the front table or any online resource you can find. Don't forget about the Maps and Geography webpage and the Stately Knowledge webpage. We will use the "Numbered Heads Together" Kagan structure to check answers.


     world  Map Game for the Day - Practice the 50 states and their locations at this website - Map Game.


    SMARTBoard Activities - Review your states and capitals using these SMART activities.
    - Balloon Pop States and Capitals
    - Erase and Reveal States and Capitals

    SMART Exchange- visit http://exchange.smarttech.com for more ideas.  Download files of choice and save to your folder. 


    stately knowledge  Search Through the States Scavenger Hunt - Use Kagan Structure "Stand-up, Hand-up, Pair-up to find partner to work with on scavenger hunt and project. Do research on your state and create a Stately Trading Card (ppt). Check out the samples in your handouts for today. Save your Stately Trading Card in the common folder on the server as well as in your own personal folder.



     Breakout EDU
    BreakoutEDU - We will participate in an engaging game of riddles and clues as we hunt for combinations to crack the codes needed to break into a treasure chest. This Breakout lesson focuses on the Louisiana Purchase and the "loot" needed to pay off France.

    All of the pieces and parts of the BreakoutEDU Games are in the BreakoutEDU folder on the TPSS Resources Blackboard Site



    PowerPoint Template Creation Wizard - We will create a PPT Design Template using the Slide Master View method.  We will also visit http://office.microsoft.com for more ideas.

     music notes
    globe button

    Continents Song
    to the tune of
    "Where is Thumbkin?"

    globe button

    North America, South America,
    Antarctica, Antarctica
    Europe, Asia, Africa,
    Europe, Asia, Africa,
    Australia, Australia.

    girl and globe
    "Social Studies Simon Says"
    Head = North Pole
    Shoulders  = Tropic of Cancer
    Waist = Equator
    Knees - Tropic of Capricorn
    Toes = South Pole

    Teacher leads the class, having the kids touch different body parts as you call out parts of the globe.  Make sure your students know that they touch their heads when you say North Pole; touch their toes when you say South Pole; etc. Don't forget to follow the Simon Says rules.


    Neighborhood Map Machine - This software by Tom Snyder / Scholastic is an excellent tool for map skills.  Maps from one to 36 pages big!!

    Neighborhood Map Machine Town

    Neighborhood Map Machine

     Code Code.org- website to teach students coding.
    Code.org increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning. 
    Code Feedback:
    Teachers say our five elementary courses are totally awesome sauceand fun for all students, even pre-readers.
    Our middle school offerings include modules to integrate CS into Algebra and Science. We are working on a new course to release in 2017.
    We offer two year-long courses for high school: an intro course and an AP course. Both are designed to broaden participation in CS.

    Homework- Read the article. Be ready to discuss tomorrow morning.

    You have a hard copy of these in your pocketfolder.