LSU Spring Invitational Program

    LSU has made a few changes to the Spring Invitational Program. It has now been shortened from a three-day to a two-day event making it more convenient for you to attend! Registration is now open, so please register early - you can save $30 if registered by March 3.

    Spring Invitational (SPIN)
    March 30-31, 2017
    Registration Deadline: March 24, 2017


    University of New Orleans
    Priority Deadline 
    Prospective Summer/Fall 2017 students must submit all admission application materials by March 1 in order to receive priority consideration for admission. Students are also highly encouraged to complete their FAFSA as soon as possible for timely financial aid consideration and distribution.
    FAFSA: fafsa.ed.gov
    UNO Application: apply.uno.edu


     Texas Tech University

    The Texas Tech Alumni Association has additional scholarships available for your students.

    Click here to visit Texas Tech virtually.
    Connect Tech is an on-campus event for admitted seniors.