• Tangi Happenings
    December 2011

    Helping Hands Club at Vinyard Elementary

    The Helping Hands Club at Vinyard Elementary purchased a scooter for paraprofessional Vicki Showers, who has been ill and had some trouble walking long distances. The Helping Hands Club has been selling concessions at school all year, adopted families for Christmas and were still able to purchase the scooter for Ms. Showers. 
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     Patti Gautreaux's Kindergarten Class
    Patti Gautreaux, Midway Elementary School Kindergarten teacher, and her students dressed in their pajamas and watched the Polar Express on Monday. All of their academic activities were related to the movie, as were the Christmas arts and crafts they worked on during the day. They had quite a festive day!
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    Elf on the Shelf at Independence Elementary

    On December 19th, 4th grade students at Independence Elementary presented the play "Elf on the Shelf."  This version of the popular book was adapted by Mrs. Kiley Cox and Mrs. Carolyn McGraw.  The student choir was directed by Mrs. Bonnie Kelsey who volunteered her time.  The narrator, Jalayssia Washington, told the story while the elf, Hannah White, played a little hide and go seek.  Santa visited the students on stage to help determine if the children were naughty or nice.  Over 40 parents attended the play to support their children. 


    Photo 1:  The narrator, Jalayssia Washington, presents "The Elf on the Shelf"


    Photo 2:  Cast and crew of "Elf on the Shelf" from Mrs. Kiley Cox and Mrs. Carolyn McGraw's 4th grade classes. Back row L to R:  Mrs. McGraw, Lashira Washington, Malik Banks, Brynette Cooper, Rijada Holloway, Ialiyah Preston, Tyreke Bellezan; Alexia Ricard, Trenton Cook, Jesus Guerrero, Victor Herrera, Andre Walker, Jalayssia Washington, Mrs. Kiley Cox, and Santa Claus.  2nd row L to R: Kimberlyn Womack, Trey Floyd, Mark Short, Matthew Pierre, Javion Haywood, Darrian Robertson, Breanna Taylor, Hannah White. Bottom row L to R:  Gisselle Montoya, Lagracia Washington, Larry Robinson, Elias Martinez, Nia Starks, Hailee Ott, Paige Cook, Gerkelia Hunter, Neriah Burris, and Denver Andes. 


    Photo: 3:  Choir members for the performance were Bottom row: L to R:  Hailee Ott, Denver Andes, Paige Cook, and Lagracia Washington. 2nd row L to R: Nia Starks, Neriah Burris, Gisselle Montoya, and Malik Banks. Top row L to R:  Kimberlyn Womack, Gerkelia Hunter, and Lashira Washington.
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     Santa visits Hammond Westside Montessori School

    SANTA VISITS EARLY. Students at Hammond Westside Montessori in Mrs. Kate Perrilloux's Kindergarten/ Pre-Kindergarten, were treated to a surprise, Mystery Reader...SANTA! The students were given clues so to figure out who the Mystery Reader was, such as, "The Mystery Reader's favorite snack is cookies and milk", and "The Mystery Reader sometimes delivers coal." Santa read "The Night Before Christmas" and then gave a brief lesson about what coal is, what it is used for and brought a sample of coal.

    First Row, from left to right: Ashlyn Walker, Alex Bittola, Cole Torres, Zaria Bryant, Tamia Lindsey, Braden Bellina
    Second Row from left to right: Cameron Lewis, Daniel Wall, Rowen Harris, Chelsea Jackson, Jordyn Miller, Chase Lewis, Daniel Tassin
    Third Row from left to right: Clarice Harriford, Louis Mangiaricina, Faith Richar, Santa, Landon Bergeron, Lily Cosby, Aiden Templet, Jasmyn Coslan

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    Loranger Middle School students

    Tonya Currier's sixth graders at Loranger Middle School prepared "Twas the Night Before Christmas" books for Kindergarteners next door at Loranger Elementary.  Click here to see more....
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    IES All Pro Dads

    On December 15th, Independence Elementary dads and their children waited patiently for the arrival of Santa and his elf helper.  Mr. Timothy Jackson spoke on the gifts we receive when we give of ourselves to others.  He emphasized the importance of the parents involvement in the school and how their children appreciate this time they spend together.  Parents created take home necklaces and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast prepared by the cafeteria at I.E.S.

    Carlos Perez in Mrs. Ethel Gilless's Pre-K won the gift basket given by the faculty and staff of Independence Elementary. 
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    Christmas Around the World

    Christmas Around the World was the theme for the past two weeks in Therese Duval's Pre-K class at Midway Elementary School.   Part of their study included Mexico and their Christmas celebration with a piñata. The children really enjoyed that tradition!   Pictured is Mrs. Duval helping Eduardo Cruz, while a few other students wait their turn to swing at the piñata anticipating the goodies it holds for them.
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    Some Loranger Elementary students in Mrs. Walker's 2nd grade class and Mrs. Fletcher's 3rd grade class participated in Scholastic Book Club and the Pajama Program's project  called The Great Bedtime Story Pajama Drive.  The mission of the drive is to provide children in need pajamas and books. Pictured in the front row from left to right are Cameron Faust, Karli Nichols, Mitchell Lake, and Alyssa Gaude. Pictured in back row are Karlie Ford, Dane Vining, John Stogner, Peyton Clements, Devin Corbin, and Ava Robertson. Not pictured in photo are Jamiyah Cyprian, Ryan Rivers, and Kaylee Sharp.