Lesson Description

  • Snowmen
    Lesson Plan
    Overview:  This is a Video Conference Collaboration between two elementary classes.  The objective is to have the students use proper communication skills to work together and critically solve how build a snowman in sequential order. The teacher will model the steps of First, Next, Then, Last througout the lesson.
    Intended Audience:  PreK - 1st Grade 
    Outline of Lesson:
    • Say Hello! - Introduce each class. Give general information about classroom and school.
    • Break the Ice - Students will play a quick game  of "We Have, Who Has?" to get all students engaged in the lesson.
    • Set the Purpose -  The teacher will use the previous game to introduce the lesson objective.
    • Build a Snowman - Teachers will read a poem to the students as they take turns placing the parts of a snowman together by use of a game on the SmartBoard. Students independently illustrate the snowman at their desks as game is played.
    • Snowmen at Night - Students will listen to an entertaining story about snowmen.
    • Snow Art - students will create a snowman using various art materials.
    • It's Snow Joke, We had fun! - students will take turns sharing the artwork that was created and telling about it.
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    We Have, Who Has? 
    Play this game as an Ice Breaker between the two classes.
    Build a Snowman
    Pass out white boards to the students and have them draw the parts of a snowman as you read the poem.  The teacher will model the poem on the SmartBoard, allowing students to come up and manipulate the pieces to build a snowman.  A variation would be for the students to draw the snowman on paper with a white crayon on blue paper.  This is a great lesson to practice following directions, sequencing, and rhyming skills.

    Build a Snowman

    The Snowman 
    First the body,
    Then the head.
    A stove pipe hat,
    a scarf of red.
    Pebbles for eyes,
    and a carrot nose.
    Sticks for arms,
    And coal black toes.
    Snowmen at Night
    Snowmen at Night
    Read this funny story about what snowmen do when we all go to bed. This is the perfect story to accompany your unit on winter snow.
    Paper Loop Snowman
    Create a cute snowman craft to go with your lesson.  Students use loops of paper to make a 3-deminsional snow friend.
    Loop Snowman
    Photos of Lesson in Action:
    Sharon Hicks, Kindergarten class of Independence Elementary School