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    Keep this list of BrainPOP movies handy, and check the BrainPOP Educators online
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    December 7: It’s a day that will live in infamy. Pearl Harbor was attacked 70 years ago today, leading the U.S. into World War II.

    December 8: On the anniversary of John Lennon's death, remember him with our Beatles movie. 

    December 10: Ada Lovelace, the woman often credited as the world's first computer programmer, was born today in 1815. Plus, show our movie on the Nobel Prize and discuss the prestigious awards on the day they're given out.

    December 11: Don't space out! Apollo 17 - the last of the Apollo space program - landed on the moon today in 1972. Apollo Project (BrainPOP) and The Moon (K-3) tell you more.

    December 14: Now this is cool - really cool. Roald Amundsen and his team of explorers reached the South Pole on December 14th, 1911.

    December 15:  Mark the 1791 ratification of the Bill of Rights with BrainPOP's Bill of Rights movie and, for K-3, George Washington.

    December 16: How do you take your tea? Discuss the impact of the Boston Tea Party - which took place on this date in 1773 - with our American Revolution movie. It's also Beethoven's birthday - the famed composer was born in 1770.

    December 17: They had the Wright stuff! Orville and Wilbur Wright's first successful flight took place in Kitty Hawk, NC on this date in 1902. 

    December 18: Our Immigration movie can help foster a discussion about International Migrants Day.

    December 20: Happy Hanukkah! Explore the Jewish Festival of Lights and other seasonal celebrations with our Winter Holidays movies on both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

    December 22: Welcome, winter. Usher in the new season with Solstice and Equinox (BrainPOP) and Winter (K-3).

    December 25 & 26: Happy Christmas! Happy Kwanzaa! Learn more about these holidays with Winter Holidays on both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.  

    December 27: Got (safe) milk? French chemist and microbiologist Louis Pasteur was born today in 1822. Watch our Pasteurization movie and talk about his contributions.

    December 29: On the anniversary of the Wounded Knee Massacre (1890), help kids understand this dark day in U.S. history. 

    December 31: Make sure our movies on Fireworks (BrainPOP), Winter Holidays (K-3), and Calendar and Dates (K-3) are part of your New Year's Eve celebration!