TangiTech Science
    Day 2
    planet bullet    Electronic Chalkboard will be shared using - NearPod
    planet bullet  Website of the Day

    Scholastic TrueFlix is an online Whiteboard resource focusing on engaging science and social studies content for students spanning grades 3-5
    planet bullet   What is it? Examine an "Alien Fingerprint" under the microscope. Look for special markings that make your fingerprint unique.
    planet bullet   Vidyo with Andy Campbell
     planet bullet  CILC (Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration) 
            Provides a collection of video conferences that can be scheduled to use in the classroom.
    planet bullet   "Beep Sweep" - Create a one, two, or three syllable riddle and illustrate it Smart Notebook software.  
    Beep Sweep TCLP 
    Beep Sweep Riddle Example (ppt)
    Beep Sweep Worksheet 

     Tellagama  Tellagami Apptivity is a free, user-friendly app which allows users to create a short video (or 'gami') with an animated character, background of their choice and up to 30 seconds of audio recording.  This app will be used to publish your Beep Sweep.
    Voki  Voki -  Engage your students with an interactive avatar by using this innovative web tool.  Once your Voki is created, you can use the Voki Widget in Smart Notebook software to em,bed it into your Smartboard lesson.  This is another great web tool to publish your Beep Sweep.

    Puffy Pluto   Puffy Pluto Rap Song


     Science Stations Science Stations

    In the lab are four stations with Science Activities for you to complete. You will rotate through the Tech Tub Station, Interactive Board Station, Writing Station, and Super Science Sites Station to complete the activities each day. The station activities will be introduced and explained each day.
    Journal Template
    planet bullet  ReadWriteThink

     RWT   provides standards-based, online reading and English language arts resources for K-12 educators and students.  This site will provide a variety of resources and interactive tools that can be used to bring writing into the Science curriculum.
    Click below to check out a list of  writing interactives from RWT.
     RWT Interactives
     planet bullet  Next Generation Science Standards Online Interactive Version - An interactive version of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is now available online. This tool allows users to search the standards and organize content to meet their needs. Within the Disciplinary Core Idea (DCI) and Topics arrangements, standards can be organized by grade band/level and DCI. The NGSS can also be viewed as the individual performance expectations that make up the standards. In this arrangement, content can be organized by the three dimensions from the NRC Framework for K-12 Science Education: Practices, Crosscutting Concepts, and DCIs.



    The Periodic Table of Videos

    QR Code Ideas - Pinterest


    Teachers attending TangiTech Science enjoying a hands-on video conference with Andy Campbell from Ohio.  Mr. Campbell is a video conference provider with LEARNco that offers tons of Science hands-on video conferences for all grade levels. The title of this video conference was, "Gross Science!"


    Above and Beyond

    Saturn   Vicki Cobb's Kids Science Page   Vicki cobb

    Saturn   Solar System Trading Cards

    saturn   Books for Teaching About the Solar System

    saturn   Explore interactive experience between your students and a LEARNnco educator through video conferencing.  Learnnco

    Saturn   TPSS Video Conferencing Website


    planet bullet   Homework
     Read the article - Six Key Reasons the New Next Generation Science Standards are Great News for Environmental Education

    Six Key Reasons the New Next Generation Science Standards are Great News for Environmental Education (PDF)

     PowerPoint Presentation - You will need to have a PowerPoint presentation file that you've used in your Science curriculum for Day 3.  You can email the presentation to yourself.  Or, search Google for a PowerPoint presentation that is appropriate for your Science curriculum.