State sponsors
    Johnny's Pizza
    RJ Booty Construction
    lee gray
    The Pipe Shop  
    Thrift- Town
    Scott, Sandra, Cody, and Lance Dykes
    District Sponsors

    Southeast Regional Medical Center  

    Potts Trucking
    Spring Creek Milling
    lee gray
    Craig Forest
    Schilling Pharmacy
    Northshore Technical Community College
    Dr. Goldsby
    Fender Mender Paint and Body
    Hazel Allen
    Keith Allen
    Rose Wheeler
    Web and Bette McGehee
    Perry and Ginger Newman
    Colton Newman
    Edith Silva
    Kirby Varnado
    Abby Firman
    Ben and Keri Blades
    Clarice Blades
    Jonathan Blades
    Wayne and Summer Blades
    Kelvin James
    Caroline Darby
    David and Julie Williams
    Patricia Carr
    Jerry Partin
    Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jarrell  
    Mildred Graham