• You Be The Chemist 2019 Challenge
    March 22, 2019
    Southeastern Louisiana Unversity
    You Be The Chemist Challenge is a joint venture between Southeastern Louisiana University and Tangipahoa Parish School System to increase student interest in STEM careers especially chemistry. The competition was held at Southeastern Louisiana University and hosted by the Department of Chemistry and Physics. The 2019 challenge included 305 students from 19 district schools.  The schools competing were Amite West Side Middle, Champ Cooper, Chesbrough, Greenville Park, Hammond Eastside Magnet, Hammond Westside Montessori, Independence Middle Magnet, Kentwood Jr, Loranger Middle, Lucille Nesom, Martha Vinyard, Natalbany Middle, OW Dillon, Ponchatoula Jr, Roseland Montessori, SLU Lab, Spring Creek, Sumner Middle, and Woodland Park. 
    Students competing in the challenge took a computer exam at their school site prior to the challenge. The highest scorers on the computer exam competed in a quiz bowl to determine the district winners. District winners will compete at the state challenge to be held at LSU.  All students participated with experiment stations prepared by Southeastern Louisiana University students and professors.
    District winners are first place Cayden Cornett, Martha Vinyard; second place Jayden Desport, Martha Vinyard; third place, Nathaniel Sanchez, Hammond Eastside Magnet; and 4th place, Adam Deslatte, Ponchatoula Jr. High.  Pictured with the district winners are Ms. Stilley, Tangischools Superintendent and SLU President Dr. Crain.
    Students competing in the preliminary round of the quiz bowl competition are as follows (not in order of picture):
    Amite West Side - Kevin Brown, KShine Smith
    Champ Cooper - Logan Foy, Tate Joiner, Troy Mariakis
    Chesbrough - Zemyrah Collins, Hayden Newman
    Greenville Park - Valentia Carter, Marcus Lee, Ashlon Matthews
    Hammond Eastside - Cadence Lanier, Tyler Marks, Nathaniel Sanchez 
    Hammond Westside -  Alexander Bittola, Adam Dearmond, Dixid Moore
    Independence Magnet - Rylie Stoctan, Farrakhan Washington
    Kentwood Jr - Hulus Lizana 
    Loranger Middle - Hawk Finch, Buddy Glover
    Lucille Nesom - Ali Crowe, Stacy Murray
    Martha Vinyard - Cayden Cornett, Jayden Desport, Kaiden Pilcher 
    Natalbany Middle - Dylan Baham, Taylor Corkern, Jake Lane 
    OW Dillon - Makalah Dyson, Caden Moore
    Ponchatoula Jr - Austyn Akin, John Cranford, Adam Deslatte, 
    Roseland Montessori - Hayden Graham, Emilia Lombardo, Laney Saragusa
    SLU Lab - Shannen Alack, Christina Le
    Spring Creek - Mason Billings, Logan Sanders
    Sumner Middle - Ava Daniels, Destiny Eckhout, Connor Forrest
    Woodland Park - Lyric Jackson, Zya Knight
                       preliminary round participants                                          
    Ms. Stilley speaks to the students about the You be the Chemist program and encourages students to continue to succeed in science and STEM education courses.   Glenda Husser presents Dr. Gina Little, SLU Interium Department Head of Chemistry and Physics, with a poster students signed in appreciation for sponsoring the event. Dr. Little coordinates the challenge for SLU.   
    Ms. Stilley  
    Dr. Little
    Door prizes were also given to students and teachers during the quiz bowl competition. Ms. Stilley and Mr. Genco, Assistant Superintendent, enjoyed randomly selecting the names for the student door prizes.  Dr. Crain, SLU President, assisted with selecting the names for the teacher door prizes.
    door prizes
    teacher door prize
    Teachers participating with the challenge are Devona Sandifer, Cornelius Blount, Betty Mehrtens, Elisabeth Sanders, Paula Splane, Barbara English, April Shaw, Brittany Green, Rawndy Wells, Candace Cooper, Marty Morris, Valerie Adams, Crystal Rock, Debra Fleming, Nichol Hayes, Robin Price, Jude Pisciotta, Charlaine Whann, and Chasity Jenkins.  Teachers worked with students preparing for the quiz bowl challenge throughout the year.
    Experiment stations were conducted by SLU Dept of Chemistry and Physics professors and students.  All 305 students participated in the stations which included demonstrating flash paper, experimenting with a rainbow tube, demonstrating elephant toothpaste, making slime, and various activities presented by College Life.  TPSS volunteers assisted students in making bracelets with solar beads.  
    A special thanks to SLU and the SLU Chemistry and Physics Department for their support of STEM education in Tangipahoa Parish.  It is their dream that our students will be the next generation of scientists.    
    Chemical Education Foundation sponsors the national competition (http://www.chemed.org/ybtc/): "The YBTC Challenge is a fun and innovative academic competition that engages grade 5-8 students in learning about important chemistry concepts, scientific discoveries, and laboratory safety. Challenge competitions are exciting events that take place across the country, encouraging the collaboration of industry members, schools, and community organizations, as together, they educate students about the value of science education and the role of chemistry in their everyday lives."