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    line of pumpkins and candy corn  
    MIdway Elementary administrators
    Midway Elementary School staff hosted a “Remembering Midway” reception to honor and pay tribute to former retired principals. Pictured left to right are current Midway Assistant Principal Janet Vernon, Superintendent of Tangipahoa Schools Mark Kolwe, Ginger Daughdrill and Don Stewart, former principals, Reginal Elzy representing his deceased father Robert Elzy, and current Principal Glenda O’Banion.
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    Hammond High Magnet School Algebra II Real World Applicatino

    The Hammond High Magnet School Algebra II classes plotted coordinates in class, scaled them to the football field size letters, and then painted for the upcoming football game - "real-world algebra."

    line of pumpkins and candycorn
    line of pumpkins and candy corn

     No Bullies pledge

    In recognition of National Bully Prevention Week, Donna Woodburn's first grade class at Midway Elementary School pledges "No Bullies Allowed" in their class!
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    Sumner High Songwriter
    Cole Hayes

    This Sumner High School student, Cole Hayes, has an article published about him the the Nashville Music Guide. Cole suffers from a very rare skin desease called Xeroderma Pigmentosa (XP). Everyone is very proud of his accomplishments.

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    Faculty, staff and students at DC Reeves, Tucker Elementary and Champ Cooper all participated in showing their support of "No Bullying" at school....See a Bully, Stop a Bully, Make a Difference during National Bullying Awareness Week! Many of the faculty, staff and students wore orange in support of No Bullying on Wednesday, October 12. Faculty at DC Reeves wore orange shirts stating, "I DON'T BULLY" in support of the day! Their school counselor, Mrs. Ashley, taught lessons in each classroom throughout the month on bullying with emphasis on being respectful students. Mr. Toby Aguillard came to DC Reeves and Champ Cooper and did a presentation on cyberbullying, internet predators, and the importance of internet safety! Each school takes bullying seriously and works very hard to make sure each student is treated with respect
    throughout the school year.