Section 504 / Dyslexia Assessment Information

  • A Section 504 assessment should be initiated due to the following:
    • Parent Request-written parent request for an assessment, - or -
    • SBLC/504 suspects that a student has characteristics of dyslexia, which is supported by the Dyslexia Screening Checklist, - or -
    • SBLC/504 suspects that a student may qualify for Other Section 504 services. Information from a teacher(s) and qualified professional gives evidence that the student has a disability which is substantially limits his/her ability to learn. If it is a medical condition, appropriate documentation and implications from a qualified physician or practitioner should support this. The school nurse should be consulted and could make recommendations.

    Individual Accommodation Plans

    Teachers who will be responsible for the implementation of the plan must participate in its development and/or have the opportunity to review with SBLC/504. Every year all teachers of the student should review and sign the Teacher Verification Form indicating that they have a copy of the plan and agree to implement it.

    The Individual Accommodation Plan is reviewed annually to determine if the student is still eligible and if the accommodations continue to be appropriate; however, the parent or school personnel could request a review at any time.

    The principal or designee should sign the plan along with other SBLC/504 members. Parent signature is encouraged but is not necessary.