Special Dietary Needs

  • Meal service to students with special dietary needs is provided to all school sites.  Federal and state regulations require a completed, current Diet Prescription Form for any type of change/substitution to menus.  The current school year's Special Diet Prescription Form for Meals at School is available below.

    The Special Diet Prescription Form will need to be completed by your child’s physician or medical authority.  We will not process a special diet request for your child until we receive the 2017-2018 form.  Please fax, mail or deliver the form to the Tangipahoa Parish Child Nutrition Department, 59656 Puleston Road, Amite LA 70422, Phone (985)748-2480, Fax (985)748-2487. 

    **PLEASE NOTE**  If a student cannot have fluid milk due to a medical diagnosis, the Physician must prescribe the milk substitute on the Diet Prescription Form stating the item(s) the student is allowed to have. The following milk substitutions are available: 4 oz juice and bottled water. Please allow 5 business days to process these forms. Student must bring breakfast/lunch to school for the first week after form is submitted. This is to ensure your child's diet has been reviewed and accommodations have been made. Please contact your school cafeteria manager for any questions regarding your child's diet. 

    Please contact the Child Nutrition Office if you have any questions. 
            Special Diet Form