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    September 17

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    September 23
    First Day of Fall

    September 26 - Johnny Appleseed's Birthday
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    September Curriculum

    Keep this list of BrainPOP movies handy, and check the BrainPOP Educators online Curriculum Calendar additional tie-ins.


    September 7: Before there was Kate Middleton's grandmother-in-law, there was Queen Elizabeth I, born today in 1533.

    September 8: Celebrate International Literacy Day with Reading Skills (BrainPOP) and, for K-3, Choosing a Book and Book Reports.

    September 11: On the 10th anniversary of the attacks, show our September 11th movie and help kids make sense of the tragedy.

    September 13: THIS is sweet: it's International Chocolate Day! It's also the birthday of author Roald Dahl, born in 1916.

    September 14: On Ivan Pavlov's birthday, we've got something to drool over: a movie about Conditioning. Also on this date in history? In 1959, Luna 2 became the first spacecraft to reach the surface of the moon. Watch movies about the Moon on BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.

    September 15: It's no mystery that Agatha Christie was born today in 1890.

    September 16: Usher in Mexican Independence Day with BrainPOP Jr.'s Mexico movie.

    September 17: William Golding's Lord of the Flies was first published on this date in 1954. It's also Constitution Day in the United States. Learn more with BrainPOP's U.S. Constitution movie and, for K-3, U.S. Symbols.

    September 18: It's all the news that's fit to print! Show our Reading a Newspaper movie and talk about the 160th anniversary of the New York Times' first publication.

    September 19: Mickey Mouse made his debut on this date in 1928! Show our Traditional Animation movie and celebrate the beloved rodent.

      September 23: Today marks the autumnal equinox. Explain it to the class with Solstice and Equinox (BrainPOP), Fall (BrainPOP Jr.), and Seasons movies on both BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr.  It's also Native American Day. Take a look at our American Indians movie and, for K-3, Pueblo and Cherokee.

    September 24: Meet the big blue planet! Neptune was discovered on this date in 1846.

    September 25: On Internet Safety Day, surf with care. Our Online Safety and Internet Safety (K-3) movies can help. Plus, talk it out. Oprah Winfrey's show debuted today in 1986.

    September 29: Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins today.


    September Days