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    Day 3
    Math Electronic Chalkboard with Nearpod nearpod  with N
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    Math Problem of the day with Educreations- You will find the Problem of the Day located in Blackboard. Use your iPad and the app "Educreations" to complete the problem. Click "done" upon completion. Title the project "Day 3 POD - last name", for example "Day 3 POD - rocquin."  When the lesson is in your Lesson Library, post the link in Blackboard.
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     educreations  plus  Blackboard Mobile
    Draw a rectangle and a square. Tell about the characteristics of each shape. Explain how the two shapes are the same and how they are different. 
    Common Core Connection
    Mathematical Practices
    1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
    4. Model with mathematics.
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    Math "Math"gizers - From time to time we need to take a break. Our brain is full and we need to get the blood flowing to our brain again so we can think. "Math"gizers are just like Energizers except we put a math twist to it. Get ready to stretch!

    Pass the Squeeze, Grab the Keys
    Count to 10
    Beat the Calculator
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    Math Playground


    Math Playground-  In the lab are four stations with Math activities for you to complete. You will rotate through the computer station, iPad station, SMART Board station, and Printables station to complete the activities. The activities in each station will showcase tools and ideas that can be used in your own classroom.

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    Estimation Estimation Station - Every morning there will be a container in the front of the classroom filled with items. Write your estimate on the sheet of paper located by the container. At the end of the day 2 people will be responsible for counting the items and telling the class the result.
    Common Core Connection
    Mathematical Practices
    2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 
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    Student Response  - https://getkahoot.com/
    Great Learning Starts by Asking Great Questions. An educational platform which brings engagement & joy to teaching & learning in any subject.
    Enter Game Pin: https://kahoot.it/#/ 
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    SMART  Power Hour with SMART - Calendar, Math Tools, and Widgets, oh my!  Let's power up with some amazing tools offered through SMART!
    Today we will continue to build your SMART Notebook Math Lesson file to be used in your class curriculum. 
    • SMART Widgits
    • Activity Templates
    • Title Pages
    • Activity Builder
    • Math Tools  
    SMART Tools - a few tools you may want to use in Notebook.

    SMARTBoard Activity Let's take an oldie but a goodie and get creative. We all played Hopscotch as children. Let's take Math facts and create Table Hopscotch.

    Table Hopscotch (Notebook)
    Table Hopscotch Template (PPT)

    Here are some Notebook files that you can use when you focus on Geometry.

    Shapes Around Us
    Learning With Shapes
    Volume Cylinders
    Classifying Angles
    Fun With Shapes
    Pretzel Geometry
    Tangram Stories
    Geometric Aerobics
    Tangram Animals (PDF)

    Smart Board Game of the Day
    Jeopardy (Notebook) Thanks to Heather Lamb at SMART Tech for this game.
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    Padlet     Mental Math Mode with PadletYou'll need to think hard and the only tool you can use is your
    brain. You will use Padlet, an online collaboration board, to submit your answers. Using the iPad, scan the QR Code located on the bulletin board in the lab and post your solution to the board.

    Common Core Connection
    Mathematical Practices
    2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.
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    Math Literature Connection  

    Bookmaking Bonanza
    Rubber Band and Straw book

    This is a fun book because it is so easy to make and very clever. Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord had this on her website, All you need is 2 sheets of paper, a rubber band, a straw or stick the height of the folded paper, and a hole punch. Click here for the directions from her site.
    Diamante Poem
    Lessons for Little Ones: Mathematics by Lorna Curran
    Tangipahoa Parish has a parish wide initiative that involves staff development from Spencer Kagan and his team. To order the book we got the activity Rainbow Shapes from, click the link above. 

    Rainbow Shapes - Kagan 

    Connections Book
    Tangram Parrot
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    Math QR Codes and Math Learn some great ways to use QR Codes in the Math Classroom.
    Click HERE to go to the Tangischools QR Codes Website OR scan the BLUE QR Code below!
    QR Codes Website               QR Codes  
    Math Software - Kidspiration 3 The new Kidspiration 3 helps to develop literacy and numeracy skills. Each day we will use this program to develop our to develop a specific skill. I think you'll find it is more than just for writing. It it builds conceptual understanding in Math.
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     Front Row
    Website of the Day - https://www.frontrowed.com/
    Front Row is a personalized math program that allows each student to learn and practice math independently, while giving the teacher data to help them differentiate individual and small group instruction. And, it’s free!
     We will explore Front Row for content, participate in practice exercises, and work to set up classes in the program.
    front row
    There's an app for that!  
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     Math Math Trail Put on your walking shoes and grab your iPad. We're going on a Math Trail around the Tech Center using Google Forms.  
    Click here to get some Math Trail ideas.
    Math Trail Guide at the Tech Center
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    Math Make it, Take it - Let's Make Geometry come alive by putting our hands on manipulatives that will help us understand.
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    Math Sum Calculator Fun Calculators are a type of computer. Students are motivated by them. Let's use calculators to make old games new again.

    Calculator Race It's time for some friendly competition. We'll also add a writing component to this fun and exciting game.
    Calculator Race Directions (pdf)

    Grocery Shopping All children go grocery shopping with their parents. Can we bring real life to the classroom with a competitive twist?
    Grocery Shopping Directions (pdf)
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