• Dress Code

    All students must wear school uniforms. All pants, shorts, jumpers, and skirts must be khaki color twill. Pleats, belt loops, and pockets are optional; however, if belt loops are on the garment, a belt must be worn. No brand labels may be displayed on any part of the uniform. No khaki-colored twill jeans may be worn. Shirts may be long or short sleeve, polo style with collar or oxford style button up in white, navy or forest green. All shoes must have a closed back and front. Jackets worn outside the classroom may be of any color and hoods are optional. These garments must be removed once inside the classroom. Appropriate outerwear for inside the classroom would be a sweater or windbreaker (with or without buttons or zipper) or a sweatshirt (without zipper). These garments must be white, navy, or forest green.