• Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI)

    What is RTI?

    RTI is a general education framework through which a school provides all students with high-quality, research based, differentiated core instruction, identifies specific students with academic or behavioral needs, and provides interventions that are matched to those needs. Data are used to drive decisions about student progress and to determine the appropriate instructional plan and/or behavioral support necessary for a student to achieve grade-level success. Daily instruction is delivered to maximize core instruction and intervention benefits.

    RTI in Louisiana generally follows a three-tiered approach to address student needs. Tier I provides high-quality, research-based core curriculum instruction that is differentiated to meet each student’s needs in the general education setting. Tier II provides targeted interventions for students who need additional support in addition to core instruction. Tier III provides, also in addition to core instruction, intensive interventions for students with significant academic or behavioral needs. An LEA may modify these tiers to address its specific needs.
     RTI Pyramid
    Louisiana's RTI Plan

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