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    English Language Arts  
    Grades 3 - 12 
    Click Here for the order of units for the 18-19 school year.  
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    K-12 Louisiana Student Standards for ELA Download

     Guidebooks 2.0

    English Language Arts Guidebook 2.0: provides teachers with daily lessons that contain classroom-ready student materials, such as teaching slides and handouts, teaching notes, unit assessments, formative assessments, and student writing exemplars. 

    ELA Resources Google Drive Folder - this folder contains resources for ELA K-12.

    Guidebook Updates

    ELA Unit Order - This document contains the updated order of units.

    K-12 Reading/ELA Pacing Guides have been updated and are posted on the Google Drive in the ELA Folder Under the Curriculum Folder. Make sure you read the “Read Me First” to have the most up-to-date information including the new and improved Pacing Guides.  Below are some of the things to know.

    The LDOE has made a number of updates to the units and related materials

    • Grades 6-8 now have revised units that include guidance for diverse learners, text analysis, and fluency tasks that are posted on the Google Drive. You will also find the revised materials by going into the units and clicking on the box that says 2018-2019 Revisions From LDOE right above the Unit at a Glance heading.
    • Grades 3-5 are currently under similar revision and are projected to be released in February or March 2019
    • We have some new units: Grade 7  Unit 1, Written in Bone (it is to be taught first and the books will be at your school very soon) and  Grade 8 Unit 2,  How Sugar Changed the World.
    • Currently we know of no plans for updates to the English I-IV units for this year
    • On the TPSS Google Drive, the units are listed in the state recommended sequence.
    • All of the teacher/student materials except the actual slides are in folders on the Google Drive for your convenience
    • In grades 3-8 it is important to use the units in the prescribed order due to the complexity of the text and tasks.
    • Some grades have A/B Units; it is a grade-level school decision as to which unit is taught this coming year, but the all classes of that grade-level must use the selected unit. (ex. Grade 6 Unit 4 choice is between A. Out of the Dust or B. The Witch of Blackbird Pond)

    Grade 6th - 8th Grade teachers
     In each unit, click on the 2018-2019 Revisions link to get to the current materials.