• standards

    The new Louisiana Student Standards
    • provide developmentally appropriate content for all grades or courses while maintaining high expectations;
    • give teachers freedom to determine the most appropriate method of instruction;
    • provide teachers with more clarity about what is expected of students by making the standards less vague and less open to multiple interpretations;
    • include the study of money in earlier grades; and
    • divide the high school math standards more appropriately into cohesive courses for Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II.



    This library contains all other Louisiana academic standards.   
    Teacher Support Toolbox
    "TPSS Resources" Blackboard Class
    Links to posted resources (including new ELA and Math pacing guides) and discussion boards for teachers to share lesson planning and other resources. Teachers log-in with their email username and password.   
    Curriculum resources compiled by the LDOE arranged by grade and subject. 
    Instructional Materials
    K-2 ELA 
    ELA 3 - 12
     Math K - 5
    Math 6 - 8
    glencoe   or gomath