“To survive in the future economy, kids must learn how to research, publish and communicate, working with the Internet and other information tools.."
                   ~~ Alan November

all things google

  • Google Translate


    Teachers and students who need help with translations should use Google Translate . 

tech tip

Microsoft Office 2013

Create and Edit PDF Files

Office has toyed around with PDF files in past versions, but this time around Microsoft got serious. In the past you could save as PDF, but now you can actually edit. The new Word 2013 allows you to open PDF files, edit them there, and then save them as either DocX files or PDFs.

To save a file as PDF simply click “Save” and then use the dropdown menu to choose the .PDF option. It is one of the many file types you can choose here.

keep calm

Keep Calm

  • IMMS uses Emaze

    Students in Mrs. Miller's class at Independence Middle Magnet School use Emaze  to create slideshows on Ancient Greece. Emaze is an online presentation tool that allows students to create "emazing" presentations of their work.

TT Science 2015

Tangi Teachers participated in the Tangi Tech Science 3 day training where they were introduced to new technology tools that can be integrated into the Science classroom. Teachers are pictured with Andy Campbell, who provided a Video Conference through his Learnco educational company. Teachers have access to this equipment which allows them to offer virtual field trips right in their own classroom!


Tangi teachers dedicated 3 days in July to learning new ways to integrate technology into the mathematics classroom. From Khan Academy, to Front Row, to NearPod, the knowledge they gained is immeasurable!

Top Row: Desmond Atkins, Cathleen Dell, Katie Burgess, Jacquelyn Haynes, Ebbra Gordon, Mia Lewis, Ella Foster, Lea James, Elisha Perry  Seated: Jessica Falcon, Emily Folk, Mary Coburn, Carolyn Hamilton 

Tangipahoa Parish School System talented art students created artwork for the new Technology Building located on South Morrison Blvd. The artwork hangs in the hallways and adds a creative and beautiful atmosphere to the center. Students from Hammond High Magnet School, Loranger High School, Ponchatoula High School, and Independence High School participated in this endeavor and were treated to a reception in their honor.
  • Elementary TangiTech June 2015 
    A group of elementary teachers spent three days at the beginning of June learning ways to integrate technology into their curriculum. 
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  • TangiTechTubs  
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FTP Site

How do I .... access the ftp site?
The FTP site is an internal storage server where all TPSS employees can access files of all types and download to their computers. Click here for directions for accessing the FTP site.

iphone tips

iphone tip

iPad tips


iPad Signature Changes

Does everyone need to know you just sent that email from your iPad? Probably not. Use the following link to find out how to remove the “Sent from my iPad” signature and replace it with your own (or none): www.simplehelp.net/2010/04/03/how-to-remove-the-sent-from-my-ipad-signature-from-outgoing-email-on-your-ipad/