“To survive in the future economy, kids must learn how to research, publish and communicate, working with the Internet and other information tools.."
                   ~~ Alan November

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Google Translate


Teachers and students who need help with translations should use Google Translate . 

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Microsoft Office 2013

Create and Edit PDF Files

Office has toyed around with PDF files in past versions, but this time around Microsoft got serious. In the past you could save as PDF, but now you can actually edit. The new Word 2013 allows you to open PDF files, edit them there, and then save them as either DocX files or PDFs.

To save a file as PDF simply click “Save” and then use the dropdown menu to choose the .PDF option. It is one of the many file types you can choose here.

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Keep Calm

typing agent

Typing Agent is
Making its Mark!
Typing Agent
The sixth grade students across our parish now have the opportunity to participate in keyboarding classes for Carnegie credit. The first part of the semester is dedicated to practicing the skills needed to become proficient in keyboarding.  Classroom teachers are using the program "Typing Agent" to make learning the basics of the keyboard fun, engaging, and purposeful for the students.  The second half of the semester is dedicated to the application of the skills learned.
Typing Agent  
  • Kentwood High uses technology to prepare for PARCC
    Amy Johnson's students at Kentwood High Magnet School are totally engaged in learning while reviewing PARCC Academic Vocabulary on Kahoot using cellphones, tablets, NComputing stations, and laptops.
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  • TPSS Technology Center
     The TPSS Technology Center is now open at the new location, 795 S. Morrison Blvd in Hammond. The 24 Technology Department employees are all housed in the new Tech Center. All computer training classes will be held in the 32 station training lab. A large meeting room that seats 60 people is also available for district meetings and training. Please stop by to take a tour of our new facility. Click here for directions, info on parking, etc.
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  •  HJHMS Blogging
     Alicia Deffes' students at Hammond Jr. High Magnet School are learning how to blog on the school's website.
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  • International Dot Day
     Students from OW Dillon in Kentwood were able to reach out to their Tucker Elementary peers in Ponchatoula through a Video Conference collaboration.  The classes, who might not have ever had the opportunity to work together otherwise, were able to interact and participate in a class lesson together.  Prior to the connection, the students listened to the story "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds.  Both classes worked with their teacher to create dot art and participate in writing activities explaining how they plan to "make their mark" in the world.  The two classes then came together to share their work.
    Click HERE for more photos and ideas of how you can implement VC collaborations in your classroom.
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  • TangiTechTubs
    Nickson Elidore  
    Nickson Elidor, Spanish Teacher at HEEM is working with his 7th grade students using an app to identify family members in Spanish.
    Click the link below for more pictures.
    April Smith CCE
     April Smith's 1st grade class at Champ Cooper Elementary School are using the Tech Tubs for interventions during Literacy center time.  A range of activities are being used for students based on their DIBELS results.  Students are using some of the following apps: Starfall ABCs, Phonics Island, ABC Tracer, Phonics Farm, and Alphabet Tracing.
     Ms. Johnson Tech Tub
     The students in Mrs. Johnson's classes at Kentwood High Magnet School used the TechTubs to complete a learning activity on the iPad. The students used Aurasma to scan the book cover to go to a video on "The Call of the Wild". Some students listened to the audio as they read the chapters. Others recorded their comments for a certain chapter using VoiceThread.
     Click here for more photos.
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  • PhotoBooth in Colette Taillon's classroom
    Hammond Westside Montessori teacher, Colette Taillon, used a Photo Booth app on her iPad to create PhotoBooth pictures for her students and their families on Meet 'n Greet night at the beginning of the 2014-15 school year.  Mrs. Taillon used an iPad holder that fit on a tripod and along with a few props, the fun began!!  Pictured above are Mr. Terran Perry, Principal of Amite High School, and his family. The first grader Terran is in Mrs. Taillon's room this year.
    Photo Booth of Perry Family
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Technology Spotlight
Catherine Legard, teacher at Loranger Middle School used the Plickers App with her students. Plickers is a student response system that eliminates the need for student devices. The teacher uses her device to scan the Plicker cards which records their answers.


  Mrs. Wilson's 3rd Grade classroom at Amite Elementary was buzzing with excitement as the students used the Socrative App to take a grammar quiz on the iPads. Socrative lets teachers engage their students with educational activities on mobile devices. Through the use of real time questioning, instant result aggregation and visualization, teachers can guage the whole class' current level of understanding.

Students get engage while reviewing PARCC Academic Vocabulary on Kahoot! 
Cellphones, Tablets, NComputing Staitons, and Laptops 
The students of Ms. Amy Johnson at Kentwood High Magnet School take a hands-on approach to learning.  By using the program "Kahoot," students are able to interact with the lesson content and offer immediate feedback to the teacher.  This helps to demonstrate student understanding and increase engagement. 

Jamie Mixon at D.C. Reeves


Through a generous grant made possible through Donors Choose and Autodesk, Jamie Mixon's students at D.C. Reeves Elementary are able to explore the world of 3-D printing. A wide variety of projects can be made using the Maker Bot 3-D printer and files from the Maker Bot Thingaverse website.  Students can also use Maker Bot software to create their own own original designs.

D.C. Reeves 3D Printer  

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FTP Site

How do I .... access the ftp site?
The FTP site is an internal storage server where all TPSS employees can access files of all types and download to their computers. Click here for directions for accessing the FTP site.

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iphone tip

iPad tips


iPad Signature Changes

Does everyone need to know you just sent that email from your iPad? Probably not. Use the following link to find out how to remove the “Sent from my iPad” signature and replace it with your own (or none): www.simplehelp.net/2010/04/03/how-to-remove-the-sent-from-my-ipad-signature-from-outgoing-email-on-your-ipad/