The mission of Loranger Elementary is to provide a safe, positive learning environment where all students learn to be college or career ready.
Kindergarten students Love Headsprout.
Headsprout Early Reading™ is an engaging, Internet-based reading
program that effectively teaches the essential skills and strategies required for
rapid reading success. Experienced educators and learning scientists leveraged
years of classroom experience and scientific research in developing the product.
The program was extensively tested with thousands of children, who produced
millions of data points that were collected and analyzed at a cost of millions of
dollars in order to research, develop, test, and refine the program
On the surface the program appears to the child as an interactive
cartoon. Children learn essential reading skills through multiple interactions with
engaging, cartoon-based episodes set in the entertaining environs of Space
World, Dinosaur World, Undersea World, and Jungle World. Underneath is a
sophisticated, patented technology, designed by experienced educators and
learning scientists, that systematically teaches the phonics skills and
comprehension strategies necessary to sound–out words and read with
understanding. Every aspect of the program from instructional design, to
performance outcomes, to ease of use and learner motivation has been
extensively researched, reviewed and refined (after Neuman & McCormick,
2002; Sidman, 1960).



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Computer Lab
Students at LES work on keyboarding skills by identifying the home row and use of proper hands/fingers on the keyboard.  A component of Common Core Standards is the development of technology literate students where all students must have regular opportunities to develop skills that encourage personal productivity, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration.
Character Education is a national movement creating schools that foster ethical, responsible, and caring young people by modeling and teaching good character through an emphasis on universal values that we all share.  Character education's long-term solutions address moral, ethical, and academic issues that are of growing concern about our society and the safety of our schools.