Student Learning Targets
2016 - 2017 Timeline
November 18:  SLT's discussed and approved by evaluators
December 2: SLT's posted and accepted in CIS by evaluators

16-17 Goal Setting Resources


K-8 Goal Setting Charts 


Teacher Goal Setting (SLT) Worksheet Download
Teacher Goal Setting (SLT) Worksheet - Word Vs Download
Teacher Goal Setting Resources Download
Student Learning Targets into CIS Download
Guidance CIS Entry - Goal Setting Worksheet



Sample Teacher SLTs for non-tested grades and subjects
District Support Team by Content



Carmen Brabham


Marquita Jackson


Linda Baker


Linda Baker

 ELA (K-12)

Jennifer Wheat

 Mathematics (K-12)

Mark Vining

 Physical Education/Health

Danny Williams


Marquita Jackson/Lisa Fussell

 Foreign Languages

Lisa Fussell


Andre Pellerin      

 State Assessments

Vicki Blackwell


Lisa Fussell

 Guidance Counselors

C.C. Lanier

 Science (3-12)

Ann Trappey

 Social Studies (3-12)   

SPED Department    


Marquita Jackson 

 Middle School Keyboarding/Computer Literacy
Sharon Spring   Edgenuity